Purple Urkle Marijuana Seeds

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Purple Urkle Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s very popular for its large and colorful buds and high THC. You will get 22% THC making this strain euphoric, creative, focused, and uplifting. It is your strain for anxiety, arthritis, depression, insomnia, and migraines for safe and natural treatment of different medical conditions.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Purple Urkle (Feminized)

A well-defined structure and straightforward variant, Purple Urkle is a seed strain that is easy to grow. It can be grown in any given environment. With that, developing it in an indoor and outdoor growing setting will not going to be an issue. With its resiliency, this seed strain can combat against molds and pests that could considerably damage its roots.

With its ease of growing, amateur growers and experts are welcome to cultivate it. It can produce a plant that can grow small up to an average size plant that can suit any garden size. With up to 26 percent of towering THC composition, Purple Urkle can deliver a very relaxing effect with an overwhelming calmness and peace wrapping the mind with good thoughts and a positive vibe.

Its delectable skunky and berry-like character can produce a narcotic sense, perfect not only for recreational use but also for medicinal one. Not only that, it can alleviate worries, but it also calls for a good night of sleep ideal for insomniacs.

1 review for Purple Urkle Marijuana Seeds

  1. Christopher B. Garcia

    Big thanks for the fast delivery. My transaction was very smooth. The company is very legit to buy seeds. I started to grow with this strain.. No problem encountered. I am happy that after the flowering stage, it produced a lot of big buds. Thank you!

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