White Dream Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


White Dream Autoflower is the offspring of White Widow and Blue Dream containing a Ruderalis strain. This cannabis strain will enhance the mood due to a high THC level of 24% and 1% CBD level. This strain provides citrus, sour, and creamy, sweet flavor paired with a skunky aroma.

Furthermore, White Dream can grow indoors and outdoors, which is a suit in a Meditteranean climate. When it comes to growing indoors, the strain provides 300 grams per square meter in just 10 weeks to 11 weeks of the flowering period.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of White Dream Autoflower?

White Dream Autoflower has smooth, intense, creamy, sweet, citrusy, tangy, and skunk flavor. This weed strain is most likely to have a strong scent of skunk and citrus, which is more extensive among flavors. Consuming this strain feels like a heavenly relaxation. This cannabis strain has a good outlook the flavors and aromas in this strain are pungent. White Dream has a dense smoke that has a creamy overtone and a modest sweetness to it. However, it is coated the palate with saccharine milk until adding its citric undertone balance with a sour skunk that out in the tanginess.

The White Dream Autoflower effects offer a strong mind buzz that suddenly improves the user’s perspective and mood, followed by a burst of energy, making a user concentrate, resulting in increased productivity. The outbreak of energy surrounding the entire body motivates us to move and complete a particular task. It gives the consumer a needed motivation to help them get successful through the day.

What are the Medical Benefits of White Dream Autoflower?

The White dream is an excellent recreational herb that is ideal in the medicinal marijuana community. This strain is the pickiest that most patients suffer from physical and emotional problems. Users encounter depression and anxiety, that they commonly use this weed strain to release themselves from depressive feelings that cause them in everyday lives. White Dream Autoflower can also help with minor physical issues, including muscle spasms, headaches, and insomnia. It also induces an intense and peaceful whole body that unwinds the users to relieve them from all pains.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Dream Autoflower?

This cannabis strain provides adverse effects such as redness, dryness of the eyes, especially suffering in cottonmouth. Some are experiencing dehydration, that all of this is reported by users. Some users can neglect the dryness, yet new users can drink plenty of water during the daytime. As it continues to use, dizziness and headaches can occur. This cannabis strain, if consuming more than the recommended dosage, may suffer common hallucinations, panic, and paranoia.

How to Grow White Dream Autoflower?

White Dream Autoflower is a hybrid structure that has tall and seems to be a skinny flower. This cannabis strain requires the sturdiness of its White Widow offspring because of its versatile weed that can cultivate anywhere. This strain prefers in the warm and fresh air of Meditteranean climates. However, days are longer to produce during a vegetative period. Thus, it may flower in a cold environment where days are shorter and enough sunlight.

Moreover, many growers prefer cultivating indoors where temperature, lighting, and humidity are unsteady. When it has grown, the buds crop is supposedly tastier as it is significantly improving its production.


White Dream Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa Dominant
Genetics Parents: Blue Dream x White Widow
Flowering Period: 10 weeks to 12 weeks
Climate: Mediterranean / Sunny
Yield: Indoors (350-450g/sq), Outdoors (450-500g/per plant)
Flavors: Skunk, Creamy, Citrus, Sweet
THC Level: 24%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Unknown
Harvest Period: Late October to Mid- November
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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