Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Critical +2.0 is an indica-dominant strain that is a stronger version than the original strain. As if Critical Plus wasn’t already a great bud, this strain jacks it up a lot more! With a high THC content, expect to be taken for an up and down ride with cerebral effects that uplift and a heavy body stone of complete relaxation. This strain is known to be an effective medical cannabis aid for cannabis users seeking aid in treating their various disorders. An extremely easy plant to grow, this strain can be very generous in producing yields.

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Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Characteristics

Critical +2.0 has an appearance that is quite unique for a marijuana hybrid. The buds grow in an elongated way, they are thin and long with beautifully hued orange pistils which add an accent to the plant’s physical appearance. As for its aroma, it is a sweet fruity scent and some bubblegum and pine joining the mix. Its aroma will intensify as this weed is lit exhibiting a more pungent pine and fruity scent. Its flavor is also the same as that of its smell. Sweet fruity lemon and pine flavors will go off inside the mouth and will linger a bit more as the smoke is exhaled.

Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Effects

An initial head high will start the ball rolling for the Critical +2.0. After a few hits on this weed, a buzzing sensation will embrace the user’s body and exude a genuine feeling of happiness and contentment. This will make the user feel suddenly uplifted and peaceful with himself. These effects are then transformed into a tingling sensation that starts the introduction of Indica effects. This sensation suddenly becomes a numbing stone and the user is usually in a deeply relaxed state. This high will not create any lethargic effects as the mind is still constantly aware of everything and a sense of awareness is still prevalent. Further increasing the tokes on this weed will push the user down deeper that relaxing hole where sleep will almost be inevitable.

These effects presented by Critical+ 2.0 offer great medicinal value to users seeking an organic way to treat their disorders. The euphoric and mood uplifting qualities of this marijuana strain is a good way to aid medical cannabis patients looking to treat their depression, anxiety, and stress disorders. By blocking out all those cynical thoughts that pollute the patient’s mind and replacing it with sheer joyous convictions, the patient may now find peace and enjoy the relaxing high offered by this weed. Its relaxing qualities also offer a way to treat fatigue, chronic pain, and other pain-related disorders. This strain will untangle all those tightly bound muscles and calm the nerves of the patient and put them in a fully sedated state.

What Growers Need To Know About Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Seeds

This is a very easy weed to grow, making it a perfect weed to let novices hone their cannabis cultivating skills and gain experience from it. This strain prefers a warm, sunny, and dry climate. Indoor growing will be at an advantage because growers may adjust the grow room environment to meet these growing conditions. The occasional trimming of the top and pruning of lower leaves should make the plant grow healthy. Pruning will let air circulate within the plants and allow light to penetrate into the deeper parts of this strain. Grow time is usually 45 to 50 days before flowering begins and harvests should yield 700 grams per square meter of top quality bud.

When growing this weed outdoors, a warm, sunny environment must be available otherwise it is wiser to grow the weed indoors. The only advantage of growing this outdoors is that the plant is exposed to all the bounties of nature. Critical + 2.0 will be growing in its natural environment. Flowering should be in 45 to 50 days. The result will be a staggering 1300 grams of fresh bud per plant!


Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type : Indica-dominant (70%)
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 700g per sqm indoors and 1300g per plant outdoors
Height : Average
Flowering : 45-50 days
Stone : Relaxing, Happiness, Uplifting
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

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  1. Avatar for Miłosław Czarnecki

    Miłosław Czarnecki

    Magnificent! This strain is a great strain ever I have. Growing it was so easy and never had any trouble at all. Unlike the others, they have fail plants. What I am doing is follow all the advises and carefully taking care of the plants everyday. The nutrients to the soil is such a good advise also. So if you want to grow, read a lot of reviews and try to apply it.

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