Venice OG Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


Venice OG Fem fast version marijuana strain is primarily a Sativa hybrid with a Sativa/Indica ratio of 90:10. Venice Beach is the name of the city where this strain originated. Venice OG is a citrus and pine scent that are similar to their taste. It will develop into dense buds with forest green nugs and thick dark orange hairs, and olive-colored leaves. It’s all covered in a white coating of trichomes with a sandy appearance and dense resin. Venice OG, as a largely Sativa dominant, can grow tall plants with a robust yield.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Venice OG Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Strain?

Venice OG has an aromatic woody scent and distinct pine notes when fully cured. Some report this strain emits a slight lemony tang. Meanwhile, grinding the buds releases pungent skunk emissions that smell like diesel. Venice OG produces an aromatic, mouthwatering smoke when smoked. This strain has a funk lemon aroma on the exhale.

What are the Medical Benefits of Venice OG Feminized Fast Version Marijuana?

Since the Venice OG weed strain effects are highly cerebral, this can help with various mental disorders. This strain’s focused mentality will aid in the management of those who have attention deficit disorders. The euphoric sensation it provides may help those suffering from depression and anxiety to overcome suicidal feelings. Finally, the Indica qualities of physical relaxation will aid in the relief of chronic pain and muscle aches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Venice OG Feminized Fast Version Marijuana

Dry eyes and dry mouth are two of the most common side effects of marijuana, like Venice OG. Both can be avoided by drinking lots of water before, during, and after the session. Mild dizziness, headaches, or worse, paranoia, and anxiety are also possible side effects. However, unlike the first, these side effects are only felt when Venice OG is taken in excess, given the Sativa strain’s potential potency. As a result, it is strongly advised to consume moderation and responsibly to prevent possible medical problems.

How to Grow Venice OG Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Seeds?

This cannabis strain is very sturdy and will grow in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, since its seeds are rare, you must be extra cautious when growing Venice OG marijuana seed as a grower. Most growers make sure to have clones of the plant on hand in case it fails to germinate on the first try, as well as clippings from the mother plant.


Venice OG Fem Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (90%)
Genetics Parents: Indica Hindu Kush x Chemdawg
Flowering Period: 10 to 12 Weeks
Climate: Semi- Humid
Yield: Average to High
Flavors: Woody, Pine, Citrus, Peppery, Earthy
THC Level: 15% -26%
CBD Level: <1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: September to October
Growing Difficulty: Average


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