Cola Kush Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


The Cola Kush Fast Version, produced by Dutch Passion, was initially intended for outdoor cultivation. It’s the product of a three-way cross of Sativa strains, like Brazilian, Dutch, and Thai. This Sativa-dominant strain has a relatively low average THC level of about 20 percent and a relatively high CBD level of 2-3 percent on average.

Despite its mild nature, the strain manages to provide users with the best of both worlds. It offers a deep and pleasurable sense of physical and mental relaxation that lasts for a long time. Furthermore, the herb has dank and citrus aromas and tastes. It also matures quickly as a fast version. All of these characteristics make the Cola Kush Fast Version appealing to both cannabis novices and connoisseurs.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Cola Kush Fast Version?

The buds of the Cola Kush Fast Version have a deliciously sharp aroma and taste. It emits pungent scents of freshly cut grass with strong earthy notes when burned. The flavor, on the other hand, differs slightly from the scent. Its flavors are citrusy but with a hint of sweetness. There are also traces of earth and skunky grass to be found in the mix.

The THC content of this Sativa-dominant cannabis strain is high, which produces potent effects. It is known to begin with an uplifting and euphoric head high that leaves users feeling relaxed and giggly, making it an excellent social strain. It also leaves the mindfully functional, allowing users to go on with their everyday activities. The mental high is then followed by a smooth and calming body buzz, resulting in mild sedation and a deep state of relaxation. Besides, the Cola Kush Fast Version is a daytime strain suitable for both novice and experienced users. It’s also a good idea to use it in the evening before going to bed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cola Kush Fem Fast Version?

The strain is not only enjoyable to use recreationally, but it can also have medical benefits. It is an excellent treatment choice for mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. The strain’s relaxing body high, on the other hand, will help relieve body and muscle pains caused by migraines, exhaustion, multiple sclerosis, and tension. The Cola Kush Fast Version can help with sleep disorders, including insomnia and night terrors. This weed can also help people who have lost their appetite due to treatments or other illnesses.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cola Kush Fem Fast Version

When using this Sativa-dominant strain, you can experience negative side effects. The usual dry mouth and eyes are among them. If you’re experiencing these side effects, the only thing you can do is stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It’s also possible to get a severe case of cravings, so stock up on snacks. When taken in higher doses, paranoia and anxiety are possible side effects.

How to Grow Cola Kush Fem Fast Version

The Cola Kush Fast strain matures rapidly into a medium-sized plant with big buds dripping with resin. The plants can be grown indoors, and outdoors can be harvested in as little as 7-8 weeks. This strain is simple to develop into high-yielding plants, also for beginners.

These plants can produce 400-600 grams per square meter when grown indoors. For a higher yield, these plants can be cultivated using the SCROG and SOG methods. Maintain ideal humidity and temperature levels, and you will reap the benefits. When grown outdoors, these plants produce a medium-sized crop if kept in a dry, warm location with plenty of exposure to the sun’s rays. Allow them to grow on their own, and you will be rewarded with a high-quality yield.


Cola Kush Fem Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetics Parents: Brazilian x Thai x Dutch
Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks
Climate: Mediterannean, Sunny, Continental, Temperate
Yield: 400-600 grams Indoors and Outdoors
Flavors: Lemon, Pepper, Pine, Earthy
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: 2-3%
Height: Average
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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