Oregon Underdawg Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Oregon Underdawg Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica cannabis strain with a delicious citrusy scent and flavor. It has high THC at 24%, making it very euphoric, energetic, focused, uplifting, and relaxing. It is a small plant, only 50 cm tall, but will produce good yields up to 450 grams per square meter indoors.

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Oregon Underdawg Characteristics

Oregon Afghani is a strain not suited for the faint-hearted, a clone landrace most recognized for producing a heavy couch-lock. It passed on to the offspring the Indica results – thereby giving it the power to overthrow even the most THC-tolerant users. Sour Diesel, whereas, bequeaths the signature smell of zesty lemons and petrol. It also conveys a Sativa push that accelerates one to unimaginable peaks of euphoria and rejuvenation. Eventually, there is the all-time favorite OG Kush, which hands down the genetics involved in producing magnificent trichomes-brimming crystal-laden buds. What keeps Oregon Underdawg so desirable is the combination of all the classic traits acquired from the parents.

This strain is, sadly, very elusive. So, it is very difficult to get a hold of it in brick-and-mortar dispensaries. Oregon Underdawg refers to the perceptive palate of customers who are fond of premium Kush’s classic herbal, velvety, and subtly sweet taste and aroma. The Oregon Underdawg Fem flowers, adequately treated, burst with a rich scent of sweet, dank herbs. An inherent earthy value, possibly carried over by its OG Kush lineage, is also revealed by close inspection of its ground-up buds. Oregon Underdawg Fem bursts with a pleasant, gentle smoke when inhaled, which tickles the palate. It also has a good herbal flavor, emphasized by the exhale’s earthy touch.

Oregon Underdawg Effects

This hybrid has enormously exciting and sedating effects that take the mind for a spin on a roller coaster. Basically, before pulling it back down to the deepest part of comfort, it uplifts the sensations. Consumption rapidly gives a burst of energy that startles the mind and body into motion – smoking or vaping. This increases concentration and performance – thereby enabling one to zone in on the tasks at hand. As the mind gets flushed with extreme euphoria, concerns and sadness often disappear immediately. Such uplifting results also dissolve social inhibition and make even the most introverted individual in the room a social butterfly. Anticipate a relaxing feeling to creep in for a few moments after dosing.

The results are far from mellow, with just as much as 25 percent THC in its structure. On the opposite, it exerts a body-numbing calming wave that immediately soothes sore muscles – effectively relieving tension and tiredness. Make sure that there is nothing big scheduled for the day until taking a whiff. Otherwise, when the soothing vibes inspire lethargy and a hazy state of mind, it eventually gets delayed. When eaten in small quantities, the adverse effects are only restricted to cottonmouth and dry lips. Higher doses, however, may cause overwhelming sensations of being couch-locked, frightened, or anxious. As such, to keep the effects good, it’s best to go low and slow.

What Growers Need To Know About Oregon Underdawg

With a maximum elevation of just 90cm, Oregon Underdawg grows into medium-sized marijuana plants. Pruning is important to increase airflow and light penetration in the low vegetation because of its small and bushy frame, as well as to improve plant growth. It is mildly susceptible to downy mildew and bud rot from its OG Kush heritage. Low yields can be caused by failure to avoid or identify these problems in time. Usually, bud rot strikes and grows on the stem first. It is a dreaded disease that is hard to treat and quickly spreads inside the plant and in the garden to others.

You’ll have to remove the whole plant if your cannabis becomes heavily infected by decay. On the other side, it is easier to detect powdery mildew because it leaves a white coating on the roots, leaves, and/or stems. To fend off both cannabis issues and improve the plant’s resistance, you can use sufficient herbicides and manure tea. Be sure to supply sufficient quantities of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphate when it comes to eating. Important minerals such as magnesium and calcium are also given. Calcium strengthens the structure and stress tolerance of the plant, while magnesium fosters the growth and development of buds. We advocate the use of a hydroponic device for better nutrient management. It should help vigorously develop the strain and produce heavier crop production. If your priority is to achieve better terpene production, using a soil medium can help you reach a more durable fragrance and flavor. The Oregon Underdawg’ s large flowers protrude from its forest-green leaves. The white-sage-green pistils become blazing orange until they are ready for harvest, and much of the adhesive trichomes become frosty white. From the start to the end of flowering, it takes 8 to 9 weeks.

Oregon Underdawg Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 4 00 – 450 g/m2
Outdoor 500 gr/ plant
Height : Short
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 9 weeks
Outdoors October
Stone : Euphoric, Focused, Relaxed, Uplifted
THC level : 24%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Oregon Underdawg Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Antero Vähälä

    Antero Vähälä

    Highly recommendable. This strain was so easy to grow. It can be grown with the good environment and moderate temperature level. It has also several branches swinging around. Amazing. I can say I will have a good harvest. More power!

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