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OG Kush is a legendary strain known to be the backbone of many successful and equally famous crossbreeds, like Bubba Kush and Tahoe OG. The THC consistency of this strain has been measured ranging from 20% to 25%. This makes for a very potent cannabis strain. The OG Kush is considered a well-balanced cannabis strain with a 55% Sativa to 45% Indica ratio. This means the user is getting the best of both cannabis strain effects. Users will feel positively energized and at the same time feel completely calm and relaxed, thus making this a great daytime strain as there will be no couch locking effect from this weed if taken moderately.

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OG Kush Fast Version Characteristics

The appearance of OG Kush is fairly “normal”. They are what is known as the common, traditional-looking cannabis plant. Looking at the classic yellowish and green leaf colors with orange pistils is what we know cannabis plants to look like. Its densely structured buds are fully coated white silvery-white trichomes. This full coat is where the high THC content of this strain comes from.

The Scent of the OG Kush is very musky, earthy and piney mixed all together. This particular aroma reminds you that what you have in your possession is something that mother nature has given you. It is like taking a morning stroll in a pine-covered forest. It has the freshest scent ever coming from a bud.

As for its taste, the same earthy, piney, and woody taste will fill up your tastebuds but this time when you exhale undertones of citrusy lime and spice will be present in the aftertaste.

OG Kush Fast Version Effects

The OG Kush presents a balance of effects with both mental and physical characteristics to be enjoyed by the user. It will start with a headrush that will induce users to bring on their creative juices. This focused effect will give the users an altered sensory state. Their surroundings, sounds, and colors are all intensified. This sharpening of senses will soon give way to a general mood upliftment. This euphoric state felt by the user is indicative of its slight Sativa leaning. The combination of being mentally stimulated and uplifted mood makes for a great way to be sociable and functional at work. This weeds with all of its effects is a great way for medical cannabis patients to free themselves from stress and depression as all cynical thoughts that may be clouding the users’ minds are all washed away when enjoying this high. They are all replaced by a vibe of positivity.

Considered one of the most uplifting strains available in the market, the OG Kush marijuana strain is known to provide its users with a mix of intense euphoria while providing a calm and tranquil state of mind. Its potency being a medicinal option is one of the reasons why this weed strain has gained overwhelming popularity among the cannabis-consuming market. A lot of medical cannabis patients have chosen to use the OG Kush and have switched over from using prescription medications. Increasing the dosage of the OG Kush will provide the patients with a powerful high and a deeply relaxing feeling will ensue. This total relaxing of the mind and body is used by patients to treat their insomnia problems. At this high where the user is in a sedated state, chronic pain and muscle pains will be provided relief by this strain.

What Growers Need To Know About OG Kush Fast Version Seeds

The OG Kush is considered a moderate plant to grow. Marijuana cultivators with experience in growing weed are needed for this plant to prosper. This is not a beginner’s plant as it has some growth conditions which need to be looked out of this plant to thrive. This plant will need a hot and tropical climate and is very susceptible to powdery mildew, disease, and bugs. Thus humidity levels should be on the drier side when this weed starts to flower, otherwise, molds and mildew may form in these precious buds. Since this strain is a fast version, expect flowering to start in 8 to 9 weeks and yields should give the cultivator 17 ounces of high-quality weed if grown indoors and 16 ounces of fresh buds if grown outdoors.


OG Kush Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type : 55% Sativa and 45% Indica
Climate : Hot, Sunny, Dry,
Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 17 ounces indoor and 16 ounces outdoor
Height : Short and Dense
Flowering : 8 – 9 weeks
Stone : Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, and Relaxed
THC level : 23%
CBD level : 0.3%
Grow : Difficult

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  1. Avatar for Jamal Brandt

    Jamal Brandt

    The best strain out there! Second time growing it and just as impressed as the first time! I love feeling the strong effects right away. This is a real treat!

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