Northern Lights Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Northern Lights Regular is an indica marijuana strain with high THC and great produces given its ideal weight. This is only 130 cm high but can yield up to 500 grams per sq meter indoors and ranges to 600 gr/plant indoors. This strain has oaky, pine, flavorful, and woody flavor profiles that you’re likely to take.

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Northern Lights Strain Characteristics

When many think of seeing northern lights in a natural environment, they possibly guess the fantasy of certain mythological locales, such as the Scandinavian ice shelf sector or the icy Icelandic glacier. With this picture in mind, this may seem quite appropriate that perhaps the fragrance of Northern Lights is woody and pineapple, similar to imaginative times spent in the forest or camping on days off. The fragrance of the Northern Lights strain is strong and instantly hits you hard, inhabiting whichever room it is in with the smell of herb, but it has a distinct taste. At first taste, a pineapple and earthy taste can begin to feel, but soon it mixes into something more vibrant.

A lovely and candy-like taste is clearly evident that also makes for such a nice combination – especially for late-night smoke. Occasionally, clues of fruit can also be identified in Northern Lights weed, increasing the complexity of this comprehensive flavor profile. With its appearance, Northern Lights buds are quite tightly populated, with thick, extensively depicted sugar leaves that protrude marginally downwards. They are dark green in shade, sometimes with purple and blue stripes playing through, starting to feel comparable to the colors which can be seen whenever the real northern lights come out in force. The pistils mix seamlessly with the sugar leaves, with their orangey, yet reddish-orange hue. Water leaves are mostly a broader green color, often with indications of blue sky on the tips.

Northern Lights Strain Effects

This marijuana has romantic and euphoric impacts all over this one, frequently sending customers into a joyful, alternate dimension, where they can be freely laid back and physically unmotivated. Due to such a filled letting go instead of ingesting Northern Lights marijuana throughout the day, it is better to pick a time when the sun already dropped to start enjoying these potent indica characteristics. The strain of Northern Lights has an actual strong desire to stimulate comfort and a lot of real smiles, with consumers occasionally revealing light addictive properties that basically give the world a bleak glow and make life more lively.

The mind may sometimes become inspired to be inventive or even introspective, and all of these impacts will probably disappear into fatigue, allowing the final outcomes of Northern Lights to be sedated. After a heavy evening of such a body cooling serenity, it will feel satisfying to wake up alive and rejuvenated the next day, since Northern Lights will not trigger anything the next “hangover” like encounter. Since the strain of Northern Lights has such a strong impact on the body edge of the peak, this may seem evident that this marijuana is exceptional in assisting to soothe severe pain, headaches, arthritis, and much more. In fact, lack of desire to eat and insomnia are excellently aided by Northern Lights. For those that are beginning to experience a much more general health integration, a larger incidence of Northern Lights marijuana may be used to introduce its full impact for the most efficient remedy.

What Growers Need To Know About Northern Lights Strain

Contributing to the already various good qualities of the Northern Lights strain, it is very easy to propagate and is highly resistant to diseases, pests, insects, bacterial blight, mildew, and more. Similarly, it is easy to cultivate outdoor and indoor environments and develops only in the midrange in height.

All these things collectively certainly make this one of the absolute best marijuana strains to develop, particularly if you’re just beginning to cultivate cannabis and looking for limited but flavorful ganja. When rising outdoors, it is essential to have the proper conditions for the Northern Lights to thrive. Indoor plants need to be relative humidity controlled, but Northern Lights develop excellently whether using hydroponics as well as soil growth methodologies. Incorporated to this, the flowering season of this crop is short, with just 7-9 weeks, lesser than most of the other marijuana strains, which implies that you’ll get the delicious marijuana you want a little earlier than most cannabis varieties. When developed outdoors, the growing season falls about mid-October, with outside yields usually just over 22 ounces per plant. On a median, indoor yields are a little lower, at about 18 ounces per sq meter. Irrespective of the growing method, Northern Lights is a strain that can give you easy growing encounter, sufficient yield, increased disease resistance, and shorter development time; all of these things considered end up making Northern Lights one of the easiest marijuana strains accessible to grow.

Northern Lights Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 18 ounces per square meter
Outdoor 22 ounces or more per plant
Height : Average
Flowering : Indoors 709 weeks
Outdoors Mid October
Stone : Calming, Euphoric, Relaxed
THC level : 18%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Northern Lights Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Łucja Dudek

    Łucja Dudek

    I grow this strain last 2 weeks with 5 seed pack. And now it is 18 inches tall in height. So bubbly plant. I believe it will produce huge buds. I can see its quality genetics! I plan to buy for more!Thanks

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