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Northern Wreck Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Northern Wreck Autoflower, an Indica leaning strain, is a hybrid of Trainwreck and Northern Lights. This cannabis strain has a herbal and piney aroma, with a spicy and sweet aftertaste; it creates a heavy cerebral and soothing high. The sedative effects of this strain can numb its user’s body and eventually put them to a restful sleep. Northern Wreck Autoflowering Strain produces small, orange shade thick, heavy buds covered in gluey trichomes. 8 to 9 weeks is all it takes before this weed can be harvested and can offer a yield of around 450-480 grams. This cannabis strain is also ideal for newbie growers as it is a plant that is easy to grow.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Northern Wreck Autoflower Strain?

Wreck auto is a strain that is full of flavor with herbal and pine taste that will make you drool, particularly when inhaled. The tongue detects some hints of sugars with a herbal and woody flavor that would quickly turn spicy once exhaled.

Northern Wreck Auto Strain effects are heavy on the body and mind, and if you are searching for a psychedelic experience, this strain is for you. Northern Wreck Autoflowering strain is great for unwinding after a long tiring day, and it can take away all your stress and negative thoughts in no time. This cannabis strain can give you a solid euphoric high, making you want to sit on your sofa. It is a soothing Indica-dominant strain that can stimulate creativity. This cannabis strain is refreshing and energizing, and it gives you the body and mental boost you needed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Northern Wreck Autoflower Strain?

Northern Wreck cannabis strain is a popular medical marijuana hybrid that could alleviate various mental and physical ailments. This cannabis strain is ideal for treating chronic depression as it can give the user a delightful and soothing state of mind. This can also help treat users with eating disorders or anorexia as it can stimulate appetite. Northern Wreck Autoflower Strain can significantly reduce chronic inflammation, making patients feel at ease and comfortable. This cannabis strain can also help with backaches, headaches, and migraines.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Northern Wreck Autoflower Strain

Northern Wreck weed strain is not ideal for newbies who smoke and those with low THC tolerance because this cannabis strain can be overpowering. Overconsumption can trigger paranoia, dizziness, and increased anxiety. And the two usual adverse effects of marijuana strain are cottonmouth and itchy and dry mouth. You can alleviate these negative effects by keeping yourself well-hydrated and using moisturizing eye drops.

How To Grow Northern Wreck Autoflower Seeds?

Northern Wreck ganja is a simple to grow plant that thrives in a good outdoor environment with enough warmth and light. This cannabis strain has good yields and it grows into a pudgy but prosperous little plant. Northern Wreck Auto will generate an approximate average of 455 grams of bud for every sqm for indoor growing. It will take 8 to 9 weeks before this weed is harvestable. Northern Wreck Auto grown outdoors is expected to produce an estimate of around 480 grams of fresh bud for every plant and is ready for harvest sometime mid-October.


Northern Wreck Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Trainwreck x Northern Lights
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks
Climate: Sunny, Warm Climate
Yield: 455 grams/m2 (Indoors) 480 grams/plant (Outdoors)
Flavors: Herbal, Spicy, Sweet, Pine, Woody, Earthy
THC Level: 29%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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