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Blueberry Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Blueberry Marijuana Seeds is an Indica-dominant hybrid that offers a balanced high of Indica and Sativa effects which a lot of cannabis connoisseurs enjoy. This popular weed won the top Indica honors in 2000 and has been a perennial favorite among the cannabis community. Coming from 3 potent landrace strains, the Blueberry cannabis strain will give the users a powerful cerebral high that is coupled with a deeply relaxing characteristic. With THC levels measuring at 19% to 20%, expect a relaxed yet euphoric and uplifted high to be offered to its users.

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Blueberry Autoflower Characteristics

Blueberry marijuana strain is a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid that packs a powerful mix of cerebral and body sedating high. This weed has gained prominence due to its great balance of effects on the users. A winner in 2000 at the High Times Cannabis Cup, its genetic lineage is a combination of great and potent strains in Afghani Indica, Thai Sativa, and the Lowryder Ruderalis strain, which gives this weed her auto-flowering characteristic. Blueberry cannabis strain has a THC level of 20% so expect a potent combination of mental and physical effects that every cannabis enthusiast will enjoy!

Blueberry Autoflower Effects

An instantaneous euphoric high will hit the user releasing a positive vibe giving the user to fill their minds with happy thoughts. Uncontrollable smiles will be hard to erase from the user’s face as this is a genuine feeling of happiness where the user’s moods are uplifted. As these effects start to ebb down, prepare the couch and open the Tv as users will be glued to their couches for the duration of the high. A completely sedated state envelops the user’s entire body, giving him an intense feeling of sedation. Increasing the toke on this cannabis will sink the user into a deeper hole of tranquility and lure them to a dreamless sleep.

What Growers Need To Know About Blueberry Autoflower Seeds

This marijuana strain is quite easy to grow and can be grown indoors or outdoors. This versatile cannabis strain is considered low maintenance and once the seedling starts to grow, there is not much to do but wait for it to start flowering and start producing those fragrant buds. They prefer to grow in cool but sunny and semi-humid conditions. The advantage of growing these strains outdoors is that the cultivator can monitor and adjust the growing conditions to meet this plant’s environmental needs. They grow short so, indoor growers won’t have too many problems regarding ceiling space. But since this weed strain is short, there is a need to prune the lower leaves and branches to promote better airflow within the plant and allow light to penetrate the deeper parts of this cannabis. Flowering will start in 9 weeks and yields will be an abundant 18 ounces indoor and 25 ounces outdoor.

Blueberry Autoflower Specifications

Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Sunny, Cool, semi-Humid
Yield : 18 ounces indoor, 25 ounces outdoor
Height : Tall
Flowering : 9 weeks
Stone : Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Blueberry Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Charli Mackay

    Charli Mackay

    I have this strain and its on 4th week already. Just so happy did not experience bad from growing it. I put a bulb instead of led light on it. Checking always the humidity. Over all, this is a quality strain for me.

  2. Avatar for Alec C.

    Alec C.

    I’ve been meaning to try growing my own strain at home and now I just got my first pack! I ordered 5 seeds for starters and I didn’t expect the delivery to be this fast. I also like that the person on the phone gave me some tips for this strain. Such a great and efficient service. Thank you!

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