Neville's Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Neville’s Haze Marijuana Seeds is a marijuana strain that is Sativa dominant, recognized for its large THC and good yields. At 400 cm tall, it is among the tallest strains and will yield approximately about 650 grams of production sq/m2 indoors and about 800 gr/plant outdoors. As it is a quite high plant, it requires a professional hand to grow.

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Neville’s Haze Strain Characteristics

One needs to look at the person behind it to learn about Neville’s Haze and why he is the so-called King of Marijuana. Of course, in the next section, we will have more about the mythical-like individual. In the meantime, before slowing down, this functional strain intends to take consumers on a crazy ride.

Neville’s Haze may have a unique earthy feature or may not. But the sweet, velvety, and floral combination that is symbolic of wandering in a patch of grass with flowers everywhere throughout that’s what most consumers have learned to prefer. There is no doubt that it already raises the demand for use based on the scent alone. Neville’s Haze also has a distinct flavor of citrusy lemon added into the mix, carried over to their tastes. As such, it strengthens what is still considered one of the best hybrids for tasting.

Neville’s Haze Strain Effects

Using Neville’s Haze offers the promise of cognitive high, owing to its Sativa heritage. As such, it comes in with a strong burst of the euphoric feeling of up to 21 percent THC. The entire weight of the universe is swept out in a moment. No worry, no fears, excitement sets in. Besides, an improvement in the amount of motivation follows the uplifting sensation. Using in limited quantities, consumers feel an extreme yet straight-headed elevation. Yet signs of the No. 5 Northern Lights genetics are fast starting to make its existence known as well.

The physical impacts, including assets, do not come with a deadening sedative, but the physical relief it causes is obvious. During the next two to three hours, Neville’s Haze exerts its influence. As its impact starts to wane, several individuals may have a serious case of craving at this point. They’ve got to put anything in their mouth, by hook or by crook. Their belly, after all, needs it. Eventually, several of the consumers can find themselves sleepy as the cortical elevation continues to taper off. Psychedelic impacts may have not been caused by the strain, but sleeping and fantasizing come even close.

What Growers Need To Know About Neville’s Haze Strain

Neville’s Haze was developed to handle the cold climate in Europe, among other purposes. Details related to the breeder for sparking a creation of strains in the more hostile European climate that otherwise wouldn’t have developed. That being said, this strain can flourish outdoors and can rise as high as 14 feet. Since it is picky, it is not the simplest plant to tend to. Yet getting a lot of one of the world’s greatest strains ever is the compensation for growing it. Growers have the option of growing it indoors, which most prefer. To this end, the trimming and pruning of the plant require skills to allow further external growth. We recognize that the indoor atmosphere means that there is less scope for expansion.

The Haze of Neville will take its sweet time to emerge and reinforce itself. It ought to be prepared during the next phase beginning in the tenth week and the next 2 to 3 weeks. Each square may have as many as 21 to 23 ounces per sq meter under 600W of illumination. Just a few persons are allowed to legally cultivate cannabis for personal use. So, if they are in an environment wherein their gardens they can cultivate a plant or two, they can know how lucky they are. Compared with several other strains, the flowering season arrives at a later date. As such, it is necessary to know that marijuana cannot survive frosts in time for vegetative growth. Up to 28 oz of buds can be produced by each plant.

Neville’s Haze Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 21 – 23 oz/m2
Outdoor 28 oz / plant
Height : Up to 14 feet tall
Flowering : Indoors 10 – 14 weeks
Outdoors late November
Stone : Giggly, Euphoric, Happy
THC level : 21%
Grow : Experience needed

1 review for Neville’s Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Emilia Järvinen

    Emilia Järvinen

    Nicest plant. All seeds grew well. The leaves are greener and has a medium height. At first, I had a feeling that it wont make it, but surprisingly, the plant did. I am happy about it. I just want to order more and more!

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