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Leprechon Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Leprechon Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, the enigmatic hybrid strain of unknown origins, leans toward the Indica side of the spectrum.

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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
CBG Level
Dry, Humid, Mediterranean, Sunny
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvesting Time
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Amber Hairs, Crystal Trichomes, Popcorn Shaped Buds, Proper Ventilation
Taste and Smell
Earthy, Floral, Herbal, Spicy, Sweet
Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Giggly, Talkative, Uplifting
Limonene, Linalool, Ocimene


With a moderate THC content of 15-16% and low CBD levels, it’s a delight for those seeking relaxation without the overwhelming cerebral effects. This strain boasts an easy-to-handle growth period of just 8 weeks, offering medium yields for cultivators of all levels. Its simplicity makes it an excellent choice for beginners. Looking for top-notch cannabis seeds to start your Leprechon journey? Look no further than MJSeedsCanada, one of the best cannabis seed banks in Canada. They offer a wide selection of premium seeds for your cannabis cultivation needs. Happy growing!

Description of Leprechon Strain

Regarding cannabis, some strains have mysterious origins that add an extra layer of intrigue to the experience. The Leprechon strain is an enigmatic gem; its parentage is shrouded in secrecy. We know that it’s an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a pot of gold through delightful effects.

Leprechon’s CBD content is on the lower side, making it a choice primarily for those seeking the euphoric embrace of THC. It boasts a THC content ranging between 15-16%, offering a well-balanced and manageable experience.

The effects of Leprechon Strain are nothing short of magical. It has a knack for turning even the most introverted into chatty, talkative individuals. Focus sharpens, and a sense of uplifting energy washes over you, making it perfect for social gatherings. Giggles come easily, and euphoria sets the stage for a joyful experience.

Whether you’re hunting for a strain that sparks creativity or simply want to add a touch of magic to your day, Leprechon Strain may just be the pot of gold you’ve been searching for. Its mysterious lineage only adds to its allure, making it a fascinating choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a unique and uplifting journey.

How to Grow Leprechon Strain

If you’re looking for an easy-to-grow cannabis strain that delivers medium yields and thrives in various climates, the Leprechon Strain might be your pot of gold. This pint-sized plant prefers a range of weather conditions, including humid, sunny, dry, and Mediterranean climates, making it adaptable to different regions.

The Leprechon Strain has a relatively short growing period, with a flowering time of 8 weeks, typically culminating in September. This means you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Indoor growers can expect yields of around 300g/m², while outdoor cultivation can provide approximately 450g per plant. While these yields may not be the highest in the cannabis kingdom, they are respectable, especially considering the strain’s manageable size.

Speaking of size, Leprechon Strain plants remain small, both indoors and outdoors, typically reaching heights of 0-4 feet. This compact stature is a bonus for growers with limited space or those who prefer discreet cultivation. Proper ventilation is key to a successful Leprechon Strain grow. Ensuring good airflow around your plants will help prevent mold and moisture-related issues, which can be detrimental to your harvest.

The Leprechon Strain Feminized is a wise choice for those seeking an easy and manageable cannabis growing experience. Its adaptability to different climates, combined with its small size and respectable yields, make it an excellent option for both beginners and experienced cultivators.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Leprechon Strain

Leprechon Strain boasts a trio of terpenes that give it a truly magical aroma. Ocimene, Limonene, and Linalool create a symphony of scents that blend sweet, spicy, floral, earthy, and herbal notes. It’s like taking a stroll through an enchanted garden filled with a potpourri of captivating fragrances. It tantalizes your taste buds with a sweet, spicy, and slightly floral profile that’s grounded by earthy and herbal undertones. It’s as if the essence of an Irish meadow was captured in each bud.

Leprechon’s appearance is as charming as its name suggests. Its buds are popcorn-shaped, giving them an inviting and approachable quality. Amber hairs weave through the emerald green foliage, adding a touch of warmth and vibrancy. To top it off, a blanket of crystal trichomes glistens like dewdrops in the morning sun, enhancing the strain’s visual allure.

Leprechon strain is a true gem in the world of cannabis. With its enchanting terpene profile, captivating flavors, and visually appealing appearance, it’s a strain that promises an experience as magical as the legends of the Emerald Isle. So, why not follow the rainbow and see if you can find your own pot of Leprechon gold?


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    I was blown away by the quality of the seeds and the fast shipping. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

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