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Lemon Pie Marijuana Seeds Regular

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Lemon Pie Marijuana Seeds Regular is a marijuana variety with a high THC level at 18% that is sativa-dominant. This is a high plant that only grows up to 100 cm. But, considering its size, up to 500 grams per sq meter indoors and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors will achieve good yields. The citrusy, wood, aromatic, pleasant, and pungent flavors also make Lemon Pie famous.

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Lemon Pie Strain Characteristics

This strain’s overwhelming main scent is that of citrus and sweetness. It smells very much like a very finely grated lemon rind. In comparison, the wafting flavor, much like a cookie mix that has been mixed with lemon, looks like a mix of white and brown sugar. There is, nevertheless, an underlying complexity to the scent that is not just the pure citrus and lemon smell, there is an oddly nutty, earthy taste that wafts through the nostrils. When you crack open the bud, this is much more obvious, as this makes it easier to better notice the more nuanced aromas. When you start burning this bud, a scent that is deeply like diesel will strike you, showing some of the depth of its lineage, as well as its richness and fragrance diversity.
The lemon is citrusy, visible instantly but not being overly insistent on itself at the same time. With a nutty undercurrent that tastes like a smoother blend of brown and white sugar. After the first puff, the touch of molasses that reaches the back of your throat just helps to intensify the strength of this delicious strain further. The exhale, though, is something entirely new. There will be, oddly, a lushly sour taste that is highly reminiscent of Sour Diesel, the strain many know and love, instead of decently nuanced sweetness.

Lemon Pie Strain Effects

For users trying to spice up the day, the go-to strain is Lemon Pie. After the first two or three puffs, it sets hard, almost instantly, and provides an energizing buzz across the body. It reinvigorates consumers over and over as it expands. The behavioral improvement is noticeable immediately. Users are easily assumed to be in an upbeat role when the outside radiates an inherent pleasure and a great social strain. With the mind clear, feeling a spike in imagination is not unusual for consumers.
Feelings easily flow and shape into creative concepts that make the bud a perfect companion for a fun brainstorming session. A faint pressure from the temples swarms the body steadily for about an hour or two. Despite its severity, the results of Indica are not at all sedating. Instead, it relieves the muscles and with each step creates a bounce while replenishing one’s stamina for prolonged focus times.

What Growers Need To Know About Lemon Pie Strain

Regardless of its climate, Lemon Pie is not difficult to grow. It is extremely mold resistant, completely robust, and, considering its Sativa genes, maintains an Indica structure. In addition, it has a low calyx-to-leaf ratio that helps growers quickly trim the bud for improved distribution of air, sun, or nutrients. Still, it is relatively tall and can need height control strategies to keep it small, such as the Screen of Green. The same technique also facilitates the improved development of trichomes and a quicker cycle of reproduction.
Despite being very tolerant of mold, producers must take good care not to lead the plant to elevated levels of humidity as it can rot the buds and roots. It is also important to provide constant sunlight, along with a well-aerated climate, so that the plant grows to its maximum capacity. A feast for the eyes is every bud of Lemon Pie. It features a remarkably dense coating of crystal trichomes that refer to its effectiveness, shielding its sage hue. Often visible are bursts of brown and orange hair.

Lemon Pie Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor up to 18 ounces per square meter
Outdoor up to 21 ounces pe plant
Height : Average Height
Flowering : Indoors 9-11 weeks
Outdoors mid October to early November
Stone : Euphoric Feeling, Energetic
THC level : 22%
Grow : Moderate

1 review for Lemon Pie Marijuana Seeds Regular

  1. Avatar for Bianca Cardoso

    Bianca Cardoso

    Impressive strain. I can see the beautiful characteristics of this plant. It has crystallize buds and stunning height! I am very happy that I found this seed bank. Quality genetics. After this I will plan to buy more and will improve my growing room!

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