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God Bud Weed Seeds is an indica-dominant marijuana crop considered to have elevated THC levels of 22 percent and impressive yields. It’s a really small plant at just 90 cm when it’s mature, but it doesn’t imply it can’t create quality yields. You will get as much as 1000 grams per plant indoors and up to 500 grams per plant indoors.

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God Bud Strain Characteristics

The strong smell of God Bud has been defined as a musky yet sweet aroma and is known to be among the most graceful marijuana strains in the world. The God Bud strain has a heavy, earthy scent, and some suggest that the sweet scent of this strain has a close scent to chocolate. The scent of the God Bud strain provides a clear indication of its taste. It has a deep oaky, skunky, smoky, and pineapple taste mixed with sweeter tones derived from its parent Hawaiian strain. Earthier flavors are more prominent on inhalation and sweeter, nearly tropical flavors can be observed on exhalation. The God Bud plant is comparatively small and compact and typically grows to around three to four feet in height. This strongly branched plant grows thick, large buds that are purple in color due to its Purple Skunk ancestry. The flowers of God Bud are deeply frosted in trichomes, and the bright orange pistil grows highly among the leaves of the plant.

God Bud Strain Effects

God Bud produces a soothing and intellectual high that is immediately stimulating without being stressful and strong. This strain creates a pleasurable vibration, making you feel bright and optimistic, and ready to rest any troublesome and anxious feelings.

This Indica Hybrid will leave you feeling euphoric and happy with your day, encouraging you to kick your shoes off and kick back and enjoy the high brain. God Bud can leave you feeling elevated and exalted, which can cause a fresh burst of creativity to the weariest and overstressed mind. In certain situations, God Bud will help you find a night of adequate treatment, particularly if you’re having trouble finding a state of peace and happiness. This pressure will relieve your pain and help you gently ease into a long night of restful and energizing sleep at large doses. The God Bud strain is an incredibly common strain in the medical cannabis world. Its solid, indicative effects calm both body and mind. This strain is common with chronic stress patients who claim that the mixture of its calming effects combined with its enlightening, strong mood-boosting effects allows them to calm, relax and wind down. While being an indica-dominant variety, God Bud provides a fun cerebral high, which may provide immediate relief from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. The God Bud strain is also mildly successful in relieving debilitating symptoms such as body aches and pain and also headaches. Due to its soporific influence, the strain of God Bud is ideally suited for evening time or nighttime use. Smokers of God Bud say that as the night continues, the consequences of the pressure steadily leave them feeling more and more drained. For this cause, the God Bud strain is becoming exceedingly popular among pot smokers suffering from insomnia.

What Growers Need To Know About God Bud Strain

Ideally, God Bud can only be cultivated by farmers with a comprehensive background, this strain is difficult to cultivate. This strain can do well in soil and hydroponic conditions and requires the right balance of nutrients to meet its maximum potential. The God Bud strain’s growth is graded as mild to tough, which makes it an inappropriate strain for a beginner grower to try. It is a high maintenance plant to be grown because of the vast amount of pruning needed to maintain the form of this plant within regulation. This plant produces strong branching and thick buds, as has already been described. As well as pruning and preparation, farmers may need to use trellises to better maintain the plant’s branches.
This will help to improve air circulation and offer buds enough room to thrive within them. This strain can be developed both in soil and hydroponically but is best grown outdoors in a humid, sunny climate. When cultivating this plant indoors, the Sea of Green (SOG) approach is strongly recommended by seasoned God Bud growers. The God Bud plant is also a very strong feeder, so it is suggested to use organic nutrients to obtain the best possible yield. Although the God Bud plant can withstand cooler temperatures, the optimum temperature for developing this strain is about sixty-five to eighty- degrees Fahrenheit. It is also necessary to keep a close eye on the humidity levels in your developing plant, as this plant can be adversely influenced by high humidity levels.

God Bud Strain Specifications

Type : Indica/ Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 10 to 12 ounces per square meter
Outdoor 12 ounces or more per plant
Height : Short
Flowering : Indoors 7-8 weeks
Outdoors mid to late October
Stone : Deep Relaxing
THC level : 14% to 22%
Grow : Difficult

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  1. Avatar for Jordan Rechner

    Jordan Rechner

    It’s a first time to grow and I decided to buy from Mjseeds. This strain looks great. At its 3rd week around 18 inches tall..No issues. Do I still need nutrients to put on the soil? I will give feedback when I smoke. Thanks!

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