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Lavender Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Lavender Marijuana Seeds are an Indica leaning hybrid that gives a good balance of mental and physical highs cannabis users will surely enjoy. With a THC level of 27% expect a potent high that will keep users mired in a deeply relaxed and tranquil state while feeling a cerebral high of pure happiness from within. Expect to eventually fall into a deep undisturbed slumber once this weed slowly dies down. This visually appealing plant of dark purple leaves is an easy cannabis strain to grow and will reward the cultivator with a modest yield of fresh top-quality weed.

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Lavender Strain Characteristics

The first fragrance you’ll find, which would be somewhat unsurprising, is that of Lavender. That being said, instead of the fresh, lavender fragrance that is usually associated with walking past a sizable Lavender bush, it has a fragrance more comparable to a healthy batch of sun-dried Lavender. When you continue to get further to the bud, the scent intensifies deeper, as there is the unique, unbelievably recognizable smell of hash reminding you of all the great Afghani strains you’ve ever loved. You may find it oddly spicy, with an undertone of the herbaceousness that makes you want to smell some more if you are an occasional marijuana smoker. The scent intensifies more upon the buds being opened, giving a rare combination of spiciness and lavender that you certainly never imagined possible.

It is just the flower scent that people think about much of the time, but lavender oil has a distinctive taste that some people find very good. Unfortunately, owing to its harsh and acrid flavor, consuming lavender is very difficult. Even so, in the case of Lavender hemp, the smell is more of what you thought of as the flavor of lavender. It is best to characterize the flavor of the Lavender strain as floral, herbal, and highly spicy. Anticipate the smoke to have hash features concealed within it as well, often needing a firm touch to fully taste it.

Lavender’s presence is quite ordinary. It has a dark, mottled green look, with orange and yellow trichomes and underlying hair intermixed with pieces. Given the name of this powerful strain, you’d think there’s a more purple image, but it’s unfortunately remarkably ordinary, looking just like every other strain you could perhaps discover at a cannabis retailer. As with many strains, nevertheless, looks can be misleading, as although this strain has a frequent look, it has a profile and review of impacts of dynamite flavor.

Lavender Strain Effects

Lavender is a gentle smoke that takes a while to be fully effective. You will feel very relaxed and comfortable once it strikes you, and your mind will take you on a bit of a spin, as this strain can stimulate a very powerful cerebral effect which is definitely best for pain management. You’re going to feel light and easy-going and feel optimistic and free of stress. This dominant Indica strain is great to make you feel lifted and create a happy mood. Lavender will leave users feeling euphoric and prepared for the relaxing energy behind you to sit back and digest. The physiological hype will end up making users want to heat up in your chair with awakened thoughts while keeping your mind busy. This strain is a wonderful sleep aid that helps the mind and body to relax fully, enabling you for a long and peaceful sleep. This Indica dominant variant is also perfect for inducing sensations of becoming elevated and elated, particularly when you are struggling to find comfort and have a lot to consider.

Lavender is a strain that is usually beneficial with large doses of THC for all products that are typically administered. This encompasses some type of dilemma that results from behavioral illness, such as excessive levels of stress, anxiety, and even depressive management assistance. Consequently, this strain’s constantly soothing, stimulating properties are perfect for treating PTSD. Due to its soporific characteristics that encourage almost everyone to fall asleep, the most common medicinal use of lavender is in the treatment of insomnia. In order to better relieve constant fatigue, many patients often use the Lavender strain, since the mixture of stimulation and a decline in the capacity to experience the sense of discomfort are both great for reducing migraines.

What Growers Need To Know About Lavender Strain

As an easy strain to try to cultivate yourself, Lavender is very well known. It is remarkably flexible, able to tolerate a large range in temperature and relative humidity, so both indoors and outdoors you can feel able to develop it.

Try to grow it using the Sea of Green method for best results, ensuring you cultivate several smaller Lavender developments instead of one single large plant. This works since, due to its brief vegetation period, Lavender aims to grow a decent number of buds very early.

Unfortunately, Lavender, probably due to its landrace biology, has a particularly poor yield. This is another explanation why, since it maximizes the amount of healthy bud you get at the top, Sea of Green is a great idea. Learn to practice some covering by extracting the top plant growth as it grows, if you want to try to maximize the yield, so as to allow further lateral growth. As these will not get enough sunshine, this can be paired with cutting off the smallest growths on the lower branches.

Lavender Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 11 oz/m2
Outdoor 9 oz/plant
Height : Medium / Tall
Flowering : Indoors 9- 10 weeks
Outdoors mid October
Stone : Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Happy
THC level : 27%
Grow : Easy

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    Anna Wells

    Legit company. Easy to buy seeds from here. Just navigate their website. Great services and great seeds!

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