Chemdog#4 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Chemdog#4 Marijuana Seeds is a strong 24 percent THC Sativa-dominant marijuana variety. This is a compact plant with a height of just 100 cm but a high yielder indoors about 450 to 550 g/m2 and approximately 700 to 850 gr/plant. This strain makes it beneficial for tension, migraines, anxiety, inflammation, and stress and is calming, enthusiastic, euphoric, and imaginative.

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Chemdog#4 Strain Characteristics

Not all iconic strains have a well-documented lineage, which is larger than life. Even so, with the right characteristics, and with a history that’s shrouded in mystery, a plant will rise to superstardom. This is the case of Chemdawg, the big gun on the marijuana scene for entertainment and medicine. This range is assumed by many analysts to be a combination of Nepalese and Thai Sativa. However, no one can ever really know for sure without extensive genetic analysis.

Other phenotypic traits that now comprise the epic Chemdawg line originated from Chemdawg. At the same time, with its strong lemon and fuel smell and hard-hitting effectiveness, it manages to wow the 420 crowds. Just one hit of Chemdawg #4 guarantees a high beyond-the-cloud type of relaxation and dosage of bone-melting.

At first sight, this shocker has spectators falling in love. Its big colas are light green with lots of widespread buds, a tactile knockout like a patch of wildflowers. It contrasts with its sparkling blanket of trichomes but also enhances its bright orange hair. Just one whiff of the pungent citrus and pine scent of Chemdawg #4 will bring the sensations to life. It brings new lemon cleaner and initial Pine-sol notes, evoking the picture of a squeaking house that has been perfectly spruced-up.

The flavor of Chemdawg #4 is less strong than its aroma. The goodness of lemon is always really noticeable, but there’s a splash of sweet sandalwood, nuts, and a touch of pine as well. The strain lives up to its bloodline, from its scent to its taste. There’s no argument at all that it tastes as amazing as it looks.

Chemdog#4 Strain Effects

In the middle of a cold winter, Chemdawg #4 feels like a cold bubble bath. With a slow-burning warmth that removes away a week’s worth of pent-up stress, it engulfs the body. It begins with an astral trip that takes the mind on an interstellar exploration that is brief yet satisfying. The cerebral elevation then descends to a more subtle, earthly elevation. The incremental shift in pace and altitude, still euphoric, comes with a range of advantages. The mind shines to its full capacity with a boost of mental vigor, imagination, and concentration. Tokers should expect every creative method to have a tenacious sensation that lends itself radiantly.

The body melting results of Chemdawg #4 soften into a human fondue, cultivating easygoing and brain-flexing behaviors. The 2- to 3-hour out-of-this-world elation and stimulation finally leads to a trip to dreamland, suitable for evening indulgence. Chemdawg #4 beams users into the heavens with its durable properties by blinding medical users with a ray of light from the dark shadows of their routine. Its high smooth-sailing can bring relief from stress and pain. It can help smokers, through freshened eyes, to take in a sunnier environment, their shoulders shrugging off the weight of their illnesses.

Chemdawg 4, with strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, is said to be a natural muscle relaxant. Symptoms of arthritis, migraines, and PMS can be minimized or temporarily eliminated due to its power. Owing to its cerebral-uplifting effects, the plant can also help to relieve mental disorders. For bliss and peace of mind, those who fought depression, psychological stress, and PTSD have turned to this variety.
The appetite for people with poor dietary habits may also boost. It can help stave off vomiting and queasiness, and this has made it a common option among chemotherapy patients with anorexics and even cancer. Insomniacs can find relief from their absence of shut-eye, too. Within a few hours, with open arms and heavy eyelids, they will embrace slumber.

No weed is perfect, and no compromise is the great Chemdawg #4. Paranoia or anxiety can be caused by overindulging and having poor tolerance. Lucky ones, though, can only get away with dizziness. With less potent strains, newbies and THC responsive users are better off. Also, cottonmouth and dry lips can cause higher doses. Both discomforts are typical adverse reactions to the use of marijuana. Keep well-hydrated to stop them and be careful about the dosage.

What Growers Need To Know About Chemdog#4 Strain

Although the genetics of Chemdawg #4 is still open to doubt, there’s no question that the strain is a hybrid. With well-spaced buds like a Sativa, it grows tall and its colas are long-running. However, its foliage boasts the fan-shaped leaves typical to the strains of Indica. All its glory needs constant attention and a certain degree of ability. Its lush leafage is susceptible to mold and mildew and involves frequent cutting and pruning. For the lower nodes and leaves, these strategies will enable better airflow and more light penetration. It needs optimal temperature and humidity.

It makes things much easier to grow these unique plants in a regulated environment. Growers should maintain the temperature between 70 and 80 °F and the amount of RH between 40 and 50 percent. To allow it to thrive and generate a yieldable to make any gardener delighted, it should also be planted in soil and combined with a ScrOG setup. Since this curvy and branchy extends indoors about 5 feet tall, it requires a ton of vertical and lateral room as well.

With a Mediterranean setting, Chemdawg #4’s favorite outdoor location is almost everywhere. Under the sun, it feeds abundantly and grows sturdy limbs capable of withstanding gentle winds. Each plant can yield 24 to 30 ounces of delectable, fresh buds in such a favorable climate. In the polar regions, this strain can also be planted outdoors. Plant it in summer, and hold it in a pot so that if nature has one of her mood swings, it’s easy to shift indoors. Continuous monitoring, not only of the farm but also of the weather, is also a must.

Chemdog#4 Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 450 – 550 g/m2
Outdoor 700 – 850 gr/plant
Height : Short
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor October
Stone : Creative, Energetic, Euphoric
THC level : 24%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Chemdog#4 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Frederik Nissen

    Frederik Nissen

    What a great strain for me. The plant is amazingly tall and had several branches..Currently 5th week. I cant imagine, I have a beautiful plant now. A lot of trials but she made it. Flowerings are awesome too. Will keep you updated about the effects..Cheers!

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