Cafe Racer Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Cafe Racer marijuana strain is one of the most potent, with a THC content of up to 35%. This strain is delectable since one of the parent plants is the Girl Scout Cookies. You’ll appreciate this strain’s psychoactive properties, which have been compared to other strains. If you’re looking for a cannabis strain with exceptional medicinal properties and a high calming appeal, Cafe Racer is ideal for you.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Cafe Racer Feminized Marijuana Strain?

The skunkiness of this aromatic strain is heightened by spice and diesel aromas. This aroma is potent enough to fill a grow room during the flowering stage of the enormous buds. The flavors are skunk, cinnamon, and diesel, an enticing mix of the Girl Scout Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple parent trees. The prevalent flavors are purple in origin, with an evident tanginess and sweetness from grapes and berries and a distinct skunk flavor. It enhances the taste of the cookie strain by combining the sweetness of citrus fruits such as lemons with an acidic taste.

With THC concentrations that can reach extraordinarily high levels, the effects of this strain are strong. It begins with a cerebral high followed by an uplifting euphoric sensation. It also induces a state of peace and relaxation, which may help alleviate mental strain. When the buzz begins to set, there may be a tingling feeling that starts in the head and spreads across the body. The high THC content and indica nature of this weed can cause a person to feel tired and lethargic. Nonetheless, this cannabis strain’s mind-expanding effect accomplishes the mission of unleashing imagination and inducing a sense of well-being.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cafe Racer Feminized Marijuana Strain?

As a mood enhancer, this marijuana works wonders. It assists an individual in overcoming stress and anxiety. It is a potent antidepressant. It is an excellent recovery option for individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder and other related mental health issues. This prescription marijuana is an effective painkiller for aches and pains in the body and joints. It is anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat inflammation. It acts as an appetite stimulant and can help alleviate nausea. It is an excellent sleep aid and anxiety treatment.

Negative Effect You Can Expect From Cafe Racer Feminized Marijuana Strain

The two most common side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes. However, these complications can be dealt with quickly with a little plan. You must drink a lot of water before and after using the Cafe Racer to help keep you hydrated.

How to Grow Cafe Racer Feminized Marijuana Strain

This strain is a joy to cultivate due to its massive buds. The stalks are long and can need assistance to maintain the upright position of the resinous nugs. Indoor growing, Cafe Racer Feminized strain can bloom within 70 to 75 days. Outdoors, this strain can flourish between mid-September to late October. Indoor yields of up to 450 grams per square meter are possible. When preparation methods such as trimming are used, this plant can thrive. Marijuana cultivation techniques such as the Sea of Green will also contribute significantly to ensuring an excellent harvest.


Cafe Racer Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetics Parents: Girl Scout Cookies x Grandaddy Purple
Flowering Period: 70-75 days
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: 450 g/m2 (indoors)
Flavors: Skunk, Cinnamon, Diesel
THC Level: 25%
CBD Level: 0.3%
Height: Unknown
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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