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Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain Marijuana Seeds


Auto Critical (CBD Auto) is a Hybrid of Critical Strain and Road Runner that resulted in a high CBD content. It is genetically made up of Indica-Sativa-Ruderalis with a ratio of 50:40:10. It has a THC and CBD content of 5% each, making it an excellent medicinal plant. This strain is packed with a fruity, tropical flavor that grows as fast as 7-8 weeks. MjseedsCanada offers this to new and experienced growers at a very cheap price with the best quality you can have.

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What is Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain?

Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain is packed with health benefits that make it suitable for daytime use regardless of your schedule. It has a classic fruity, tropical taste that you love. Its orange and lemon flavor is refreshing to your palate. Its ample amount of Sativa and Indica strain provides a relaxing feeling, with a sense of euphoria, keeping you cheerful and happy, like trouble never comes your way. This plant grows in just 7-8 weeks and provides a yield of 150-200 grams.

This strain is perfect for those who want to take this in the morning because it does not alter your mind. It provides physical relief from bodily pains and helps manage your stress, anxiety, and depression.

Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain Growing Information

The Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain is a dream plant for anyone who wants to grow, regardless if you have experience or not. It is easy because it does not require any specific lighting. Just put it in a big pot inside your home with good ventilation to avoid mold build-up. If you want to plant it outside, make sure that the temperature is not below 15 degrees Celsius because this strain likes heat and direct sunlight if possible. 7-8 weeks of waiting time and you can harvest a good 150 – 200 grams of yummy buds.

Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain Medical Benefits

The Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain is a medical haven. It provides relief to both physical and psychological conditions. A few puffs of this plant will turn your bad day into a good one with the euphoric and relaxing feeling that it brings. It also helps calm your nerves, help you in your depressive states, and reduces anxiety. Its physically relieving effects help lessen bodily pains such as headaches, migraine, and muscle pain. It will also help you keep up with your long list of scheduled activities because this strain soothes the extreme exhaustion that you feel. Aside from that, it helps with insomnia it will feel like a year since you had good sleep until you had this plant.

What is the Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance of Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain?

This strain that grows frosty green buds covered with resin offers a classic flavor that you will love. A fruity flavor will brighten up your day as the taste of orange and lemon hits your palate. A tropical taste will put you in a calm and very relaxing mode that feels like you’re on a vacation. That woody undertone perfectly balances the citrus flavor like a boss puffing through the window looking over a beautiful scenic view.

Final Thoughts

Auto Critical (CBD Auto) is a strain that takes you back to that relaxing vacation that you had. The euphoric feeling armed with the fruity and tropical flavors feels like nothing can go wrong with your day. Here at MjseedsCanada, the nostalgia that feels so good is in a pack of this plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Auto Critical (CBD Auto) strain?

Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Marijuana seeds, often known as Auto Critical (CBD Auto), have a balanced CBD and THC content that has medical advantages. It has a fruity and tropical mix with a woody undertone fit to your liking.

Is Auto Critical (CBD Auto) a good strain?

The strain is excellent for daytime use because it has no mind-altering effects. It has a good balance of Indica and Sativa strain making it a wonderful treatment for some medical conditions.

Is Auto Critical (CBD Auto) strain Indica or Sativa?

It is an Indica dominant strain that has a euphoric and relaxing effect on you. It has a good balance of THC and CBD content that helps in managing your stress, depression, and anxiety.

Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Strain Specifications

Strain Parents: Road Runner x Critical Strain
Strain Dominant: 50% Indica
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
CBD Content: 5%
THC Content: 5%
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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