Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds

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Auto CBD Critical Mass cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that was created to give a variety of therapeutic effects to its intended users. This CBD-rich version traces its genetic lineage by crossing LowRyder strain with Critical Mass and another undisclosed ruderalis strain. It has an impressive equal balance of THC and CBD which ranges from 5 to 8% but averages out at around 7%. With a high CBD content, expect this medicinal marijuana to be an effective way to treat various mental and physical disorders.

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Auto CBD Critical Mass Characteristics

Auto CBD Critical Mass features striking yellowish-orange leaves that are more elongated than roundish although this strain is an Indica leaning one. Its buds appear vigorous and dense. Most probably due to its ruderalis lineage, this plant will only grow to a maximum of 4 feet in height. The irony of this, however, is that its buds tend to grow big and heavy, thus it is highly recommended to give support to the branches once the buds start to form or you may risk the branches snapping off due to the heavy buds having too much weight. The buds are fully covered with silvery-white trichomes and dark orange pistils which fully complement its orange-hued leaves.

A lot of medical cannabis users claim that the pleasant aroma of Auto CBD Critical Mass is what they like most about the strain. It is reminiscent of a mix of earthy and herbal flavors that has hints of sweetness. This mixture sits well in as it is smelled and offers a delightful and relaxing smoke. As for its flavor, mix in those earthy and herbal tones with honey-like sweetness and spicy undertones which will make its presence felt on the exhale.

Auto CBD Critical Mass Effects

The Auto CBD Critical Mass marijuana strain will give an initial high that will creep into the users’ mind and give him a feeling of upliftment, here his moods are full of positive vibes. This is mixed in with a Euphoric and elated feeling where cynical thoughts that may pervade the users’ minds are all washed away. This makes for a great medical cannabis treatment for anxiety as it keeps the brain and nerves calm and happy at the same time. This anxiolytic property of this strain may also be perfect to treat bouts of stress and depression.

As the high progress, it will give a strong relaxing and numbing sensation all over the users’ mind and body. This is the indica strain starting to kick in. This high given by this will keep you deeply in a trancelike state, but with a fully functioning creative mind to boot. It is best to use this strain during the early evening or at night as most likely the user will not be in the mood to do anything productive or do an errand. Both the user’s body and mind will be in an entranced state when smoking this weed. Eventually, the feeling of laziness will overwhelm the user and the urge to fall into a deep slumber will be inevitable. As a medical cannabis option, this long-lasting weed will be a great option to treat some physical disorders such as arthritis, Migraine, joint pains, body aches, and even insomnia.

What Growers Need To Know About Auto CBD Critical Mass Seeds

This auto-flowering strain is easy to grow be it indoors or outdoors. However, it must be noted that this weed can be sensitive to mold development thus it is highly recommended to grow this plant indoors especially if you live in a cool temp and wet environment. Growing indoors will give the grower the advantage of being able to control environmental conditions suitable for this plant to thrive. Keeping this plant happy will be rewarding as this strain is well known for its high yield output. Since they are auto-flowering there’s not much lighting schedule to follow as they will not rely much on light to start producing buds. This is the beauty of having ruderalis mixed into a cannabis strain. All the growers need to watch out for is to have the humidity levels lower than usual to keep the air dry and prevent any formation of molds. Other than that, novice growers have nothing to worry about.


Auto CBD Critical Mass Strain Specifications

Type : Indica dominant with Ruderalis
Climate : Sunny, Dry, and Temperate Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 130 grams
Height : Short
Flowering : 8 to 10 weeks
Stone : Relaxed,Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric
THC level : 5% to 8%
CBD level : 5% to 8%
Grow : Medium

2 reviews for Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Matthew Thorpe

    Matthew Thorpe

    Easy germination and then after a few weeks of veg and about 65 days of flowering I’ve been blessed with a heavy yield. Extremely, creative, smooth high, warm body buzz and helped me with chronic pain relief and the insomnia. Over all I’d grow it again!

  2. Avatar for Archie Mayers

    Archie Mayers

    I wanted to stay away from the traditional strains for a while and make a leap to CBDs. This was the perfect strain to use! Got some tingling senses from the THC, not what I am usually used to but it’ll do! I get a very soft but smooth high that helps me stay functional after smoking. This really helps calm me down, i’ve been having lesser panic attacks because of this! Lovely delicious taste, the buds were still pretty frosty. Easy to grow, aside from basic watering and npk you really won’t have much to worry about! i can easily recommend this one

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