Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) Strain Marijuana Seeds


A balanced Sativa Hybrid cannabis strain is a mix between Jack Herer and CBD. It has become a feasible alternative to synthetic treatments. This medical cannabis produces excellent buds and grows promptly from seed to harvest. The incredible genetics of this strain emit wonderful aromas and smells while creating a strong body hype, and mind high. This Jack Herer is a favorite among customers and breeders, and it is also grown by the most medicinal cannabis breeders. MjseedsCanada offers you the cheapest sativa hybrid cannabis strain you want to experience, which you can order anytime!

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What is Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) Strain?

This great medical strain is an incredibly strong cannabis strain with 7% CBD and up to 7% THC. Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) strain is also deemed an excellent option for a wide range of medical ailments due to its equally balanced THC and CBD levels. This weed generates 500gr/m2 indoors and 650gr/plant outdoors. The herb is claimed to be an excellent treatment for a wide range of medical ailments.

This strain, often known as Sativa, is promoted as an alternative to synthetic treatments, particularly in the medical field. It emits strong undertones of pine, citrus, and pepper scents, as well as delicate floral undertones, that last quite a while, creating a very light and uplifting feeling between body and mind as it gets you hyped and at the same time gives a calming effect. This strain enhances your emotions by tasting like deep sage and sour citrus with a hint of earthiness, which becomes more apparent as the smoke deepens.

Auto CBD Jack Herer Strain (1:1) Growing Information

The euphoric high provided by the Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) Strain is vivid and uplifting, but it shouldn’t be too intense for advanced users. Since most sativas are tropical, they seldom get more than 12 hours of daylight on a 12/12 period. Additionally, it matures to seven feet and has smaller fan-shaped leaves on thin branches. It also produces 500-550 gr/m2 for its indoor production. The usual flowering period for Jack Herer is 8 to 9 weeks.

Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) Strain Medical Benefits

The Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) Strain has already been used for therapeutic purposes throughout many cultures. It is also well-known to be a modernized, CBD-loaded variation of the Jack Herer, which is, incidentally, already a well-known medicinal strain. Most medical cannabis growers cultivate CBD Jack Herer because it has a balanced 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. This soothing high effectively treats mild anxiety, depression, and stress. Users have also experienced severe migraine relief. Jack Herer can help with chronic aches and pains even if it doesn’t contain a lot of CBD.

What is the Flavor and Aroma of Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) Strain?

Cannabis grown from CBD Jack Herer Strain have a balanced flavor and fragrance profile and a solid earthy aftertaste. A mix between Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and the Sativa staple Haze is believed to have produced Jack Herer. A spicy pine aroma that continues over to the flavor awakens your nose as soon as it is absorbed. Sticky buds have a delicious orange-lemon flavor with just a touch of dank pine and smell and taste appealing.

Final Thoughts

Users of the Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) cannabis strain express feeling energetic and physically motivated in all of their activities. Happy. and uplifted feelings are Jack Herer’s most noticeable side effects. It is praised for its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and its capacity to reduce stress and depression. As a result, the seeds offered by MjseedsCanada will let you have the best and most unique experience with this cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Auto CBD Jack Herer strain?

Auto CBD Jack Herer Marijuana seeds, often known as Sativa Hybrid cannabis strain a mix between Jack Herer and CBD. That offers a unique cannabis experience. It has a traditional sweet-and-sour flavor with hints of herbs and an earthy feeling.

Is Auto CBD Jack Herer a good strain?

The strain is a form of medical cannabis that won’t make you feel weird. This tranquil high is effective in treating mild anxiety, depression, and stress.

Is Auto CBD Jack Herer strain indica or sativa?

Auto CBD Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant strain that is well-known for being a delicious and perennially popular type of strain.

Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1) Strain Specifications

Strain Parents: Jack Herer x CBD
Strain Dominant: Sativa Dominant
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
CBD Content: 7%
THC Content: 7%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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