Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into female plants. With this type of seed, you won’t have to bother with male cannabis plants which will pollinate female plants. People who use feminized seeds will likely grow their weed but if you’re up for growing seeds or breeding new strains, you need photoperiod regular strains.

Not all cannabis strains have feminized counterparts and take note that feminized strains are among the top cannabis seeds variety and are mostly very expensive. It’s worth paying for more when you don’t need to stress out of male plants.

Why do growers recommend feminized cannabis seeds?

Growers prefer to use feminized cannabis seeds because of many reasons. Here are some of them.

  • Feminized seeds let you grow only the plants you need

Photoperiod plants will leave you guessing. You don’t know how many males and females you have in your garden. But with feminized plants you know exactly how many females. You can immediately adjust the amount of space and all other resources you have to provide.

  • Feminized cannabis will save you money

Feminized cannabis will save you resources as you don’t need to grow plants that you won’t need. You’ll save money, time, and effort growing only female plants. 

  • Feminized cannabis will help you grow weed with confidence

You will now feel confident to grow cannabis knowing that you only have female plants in your garden. No need to worry about your females being pollinated accidentally by rouge male or undiscovered males.

How do you grow feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds should be cultivated indoors where you can better monitor your plants and tweak humidity and temperature as needed. It’s important to check pests, insects, and molds which may also attack even if you’re growing your weed indoors.

Closely monitor your plants’ health and solve problems when it comes to humidity and temperature. If you’re to give nutrients, make sure that you follow the right type of nutrients each as the nutrient demands of plants vary during the vegetative phase and the flowering phase.

We also recommend using the correct lighting to grow more buds. There are so many kinds of lighting for indoor plants and the best ones are CFL and LED. Make sure that your lamps cover your plants very well and as much as possible, use reflectors (material that reflects light) to light up all bud sites. LED and CFL offer good results without increasing the temperature inside the growing area.

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