Candyland Peyote Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Candyland Peyote Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a 23 percent high THC Sativa marijuana strain, it is very innovative, powerful, euphoric, concentrated, and calming. Regardless of its average size, it is also a strong yielder. It can generate approximately 800 gr/plant outdoors and about 650 g/m2 indoors.

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Candyland Peyote Strain Characteristics

When it comes to growing cannabis if you’re a seasoned smoker but a novice, Candyland Peyote might be the right strain for you. It offers a long-lasting, heavy-hitting buzz, and yet it’s remarkably easy to develop. Its taste is subtle yet good and can contribute to a little bit of a guessing game as to what the taste is. It’s earthy, but it’s soft and creamy, a little bit like sipping a fruity latte.

This Sativa-heavy strain is extremely potent and packed with a THC capacity of 20% to 26%, much like its parent strain, Candyland. It creates an upbeat atmosphere that, while providing a boost of mental energy, helps hold suicidal thoughts at bay. A calming feeling because of its other parent, Peyote Purple, starts to creep in as the high wanes. The relaxing effect will eventually make you feel very lazy, but it does not trigger couch-lock, so when the diary is clear, it is best to appreciate it.

Candyland Peyote is fairly non-existent in pharmacies, so if you want a steady supply, it’s best to cultivate your crop. The best part is that beginners’ mistakes are amateur-friendly and very compassionate. With a fruity, earthy sweetness, Candyland Peyote charms the nostrils. It titillates the palate after attracting attention with a nuanced taste profile of citrus, vanilla, and oak. You will also note traces of coffee and berries.

Candyland Peyote Strain Effects

Do not let the delightful fruitiness of Candyland Peyote trick you-it carries up to 26 percent THC and needs tolerance through the roof. And at the first dose, its efficacy is overwhelming. The high comes creeping in, elevating the mind to a full euphoria state. It feels a lot like a sugar rush experience, and it pairs well with the subsequent creative boost. Artistic endeavors will seem more fun, and there will be free-flowing energy and creativity. In career areas and hobbies that involve creative thinking, the mixture of results can be especially useful.

Candyland Peyote is very balanced, despite the initial rush, and is unlikely to cause hyperactivity or jitters. Because after about 2 hours the high wanes, its soothing side can make you feel a little sluggish. It makes movement more laborious, but it does not contribute to extreme drowsiness or full-on couch-lock. Still, on days when there is plenty of time to spare, it’s best to reserve this pressure.

Candyland Peyote has enough sweetness to worry dentists, but possible therapeutic benefits are also said to be brimming with it. It has been used to treat signs of pain, anxiety, insomnia, mood disorders, extreme mood swings, and PTSD, and its anxiolytic action can stop worrying and overthinking. The euphoric effect will at the same time help to keep the mind busy and in a relaxed and easy-going state.

It is also said that the strain has pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Treating distress muscle pain, back pains, PMS, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, and Crohn’s disease, is said to be highly efficient. This provides mental capacity, which has a big effect when it comes to minimizing exhaustion and tiredness. Although smokers may experience a higher level of vigor that lasts for a good few hours, under its influence.
In modest doses, Candyland Peyote must be used. This powerful bud will create an excessive cerebral buzz if too much is taken, which can cause dizziness, heightened anxiety, and paranoia. As even small drags can cause adverse reactions, those with low THC must also stay clear of its tremendous psychoactive content. The adverse effects are likely to be limited only to cottonmouth and dry lips as long as you are not susceptible to THC and as long as the dosages are kept minimal.

What Growers Need To Know About Candyland Peyote Strain

The plant grows like an Indica, though Sativa-dominant, which is a substantial advantage. There would be little protection for its powerful stem and branches, and it can manage numerous training methods as long as you are vigilant, there is only a limited risk of snapping the branches. It remains very small so that it can comfortably fit in medium-sized tents, and when planted outdoors, it is discreet.

During the dark periods in the final weeks of flowering, raising the plant to colder temperatures will help turn it into a purple beauty. The buds will grow purple hints, which improves their bag attractiveness dramatically. With or without the hues shift, however, owing to the luxurious cover of glimmering trichomes that covers them, the compact nuggets scream effectiveness.

A comfortable room temperature of around 70 to 80 ° F is needed for Candyland Peyote and it thrives in a semi-humid atmosphere that registers a 40 to 50 percent RH level. Maintain it well-pruned to prevent moisture accumulation and mold attacks. In an indoor system, after 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, growing in optimal conditions, and implementing the Sea of Green (SOG) system with at least 4 plants will generate 1.31 to 2.13 ounces of gluey buds per square foot. Outdoors, in sunny, balmy places, a whopping 28 ounces per plant can be achieved. When growing in the polar regions, by the middle to end of October, the ripe colas are ideal for selecting.


Candyland Peyote Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 400 – 650 g/m2
Outdoor 800 gr/plant
Height : 80 – 120 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor mid to late October
Stone : Creative, Energetic
THC level : 23%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Candyland Peyote Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Janina Neumann

    Janina Neumann

    Quite big plant and this is impressive strain. Just easy to grow. Nice hairy buds. Thanks for quality genetics!

  2. Avatar for Angel Rodriguez

    Angel Rodriguez

    This was a very easy strain to grow. Might get caught up with the changing temperatures so I recommend using an indoor garden. Very posh and thick yields especially for a quirky plant! I was able to harvest a good 700g per plant. They were also very shiny and sticky buds. Smells were really enticing. I detected strong notes of herbs and spices with a little sugary scent. The high was really euphoric! Catches your off guard with a quick mental buzz. Definitely one for mornings.

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