Blue Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Widow Marijuana Seeds is an indica cannabis strain that reaches a height of 200 cm and yields up to 500 g/m2 indoors and 1100 gr/plant outdoors. This strain has a berry, honey, blueberry, and oaky flavors and is potent, soothing, concentrated, and uplifting.

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Blue Widow Marijuana Seeds Characteristics

Blue Widow is a long-time favorite, thanks to its enticing scent and many health benefits. This offspring of two A-listers provides relatively well-balanced effects, despite being mildly Indica-dominant. Blue Widow provides a psychologically uplifting buzz, while blueberry offers a soothing touch.

Blue Widow is a delight to cultivate and produces much fruit for both young and experienced growers. You will provide a plentiful supply of feminized seeds for an all-year smoke out with these feminized seeds. The plant is naturally insect and mold resistant, so it doesn’t need much care to survive.

Each plant emits a sweet scent until it reaches the flowering stage. And a whiff of it is enough to make you long for the harvest season. The intriguing scent of this sweet-smelling strain comes from its parents. It fills the space with a sweet berry fragrance until illuminated. A trace of earthy spice smell lingers until the aromatic fruitiness fades.

Blue Widow is commonly used in edibles because it tastes as unique as it smells. The fruity flavor isn’t overwhelming, but it does have a solid blueberry tang to it. On exhalation, the sweetness fades and is replaced by a citrus tone.

Blue Widow Marijuana Seeds Effects

Blue Widow is a decent strain for those on the move, and it’s better smoked in the afternoon or late at night. It has a relaxing, stress-relieving effect without being overpowering. After a few sips, you’ll be enveloped in a cloud of good vibes as the fears fade away. You’ll also have an almost limitless supply of chuckles and bursts of laughter.

It keeps users clear-headed and productive when expressing its uplifting results. It has a profound calming effect that relieves you without letting you fall asleep on the sofa. Unlike other strains, it does not make you feel tired or disoriented. With a comfortable but still busy body, you will enjoy a light-on-the-head buzz. You’ll always be able to get things done, and the long-lasting consequences will allow you to reap the rewards for several hours.

What Growers Need To Know About Blue Widow Marijuana Seeds

Like a true Indica, the plant is robust and stable. Around the same time, it stretches like a Sativa, reaching a height of up to 10 feet when grown under the right conditions. It’s difficult not to note the allure of Blue Widow until it’s in full bloom. When exposed to cold temperatures, its large buds bloom in splendor in shades of orange, blue, and purple, and its green leaves turn a rich plum hue. The nuggets, which are coated in heavy resin and long amber hairs, aren’t just gorgeous to look at – they’re also strong.

The plant takes about 8 to 9 weeks to bloom when grown indoors fully. You will get a great production of up to 1.63 ounces per square foot using the Sea of Green method, which will further boost yields.

Blue Widow likes the sun and humidity of the outdoors. It will achieve a large yield of up to 38.8 ounces per plant with plenty of sunlight and fertile soil. Growers in the polar regions will start harvesting by mid-October.


Blue Widow Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 500 g/m2
Outdoor 1100 gr/plant
Height : 200 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor mid-October
Stone : Uplifted, Energetic, Relaxed
THC level : 14%
Grow : Moderate-Difficult

1 review for Blue Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Cettina Dellucci

    Cettina Dellucci

    8 out of 10 germinated. I chose this strain for my startup growing. I prepared all the necessary things. I followed the instructions and advises. Now, the plant is in 20 inches in height within 2 weeks. Monster plant! I can smell the unique scent of aroma!Perfect plant for me!

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