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Order Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online and Get Free Seeds

The title says it all. You can order cheap cannabis seeds from an online seedbank and you’ll receive some free seeds with it. Is it too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! There are a lot of seedbanks which started their own websites to promote their weed seeds to their customers from around the world. These seedbanks offer the best prices possible because of the following reasons.
1. They want their prices to be competitive with the hundreds if not thousands of other online seedbanks available.
2. They stick to their country’s prices which might be different with what you know.
3. They are breeders and you are buying from them instead from a broker or retailer.
4. They provide free seeds for marketing purposes. People would buy if there are freebies.
There are more reasons which are not listed here. With the huge number of online seedbanks which are already operational plus the new seedbanks which are added per day, we are given with a wide array of selection with best prices yet high quality.
Will the free cannabis seeds grow?
When you order a pack of premium marijuana seeds, you may receive 20 or more free seeds that will come with it. These free seeds really grow and they are high quality mix of strains. You might also get some Cannabis Cup winner in your free seeds. They’ll grow but the germination rate may differ from 75% – 100% depending on the seedbank and you as the grower.
These free seeds are used to thank their customers and for advertising purposes. Common sense applies here. If you were the company, would you give low quality seeds as a part of your advertising approaches? You would probably say that you will send high quality free seeds to keep your customers coming for more.
Do these cannabis seedbanks have medical marijuana seeds for sale?
Yes, they have medical marijuana seeds for sale. They have a wide array of option from marijuana seeds for medical purposes and those which are for entertainment purposes. You can buy marijuana seeds which can be grow indoors, outdoors or both. You can even get some feminized marijuana seeds which will grow to female weed plants only. These feminized marijuana plants would only give you female flowers which are good for smokers. If you grow for consumption purposes, then going for the female weed plants would be a good thing to do. However, if you are a breeder then you can go for the regular seeds because you also need to get some male plants which can produce marijuana seeds.

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