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How to Choose Pot Seeds that are Good to Grow Indoors and Outdoors?

Cannabis seeds are categorized as indoor and outdoor types, indica and sativa types and the seeds can also be classified as regular or feminized. The type of cannabis seeds to grow will also depend on what you want to achieve in terms of THC level, amount of yield and easiness in growing. Know the characteristics of indica and sativa pot seeds and from there, you can decide which type you would want to grow.
For indoor growing, small to medium height cannabis plants are ideal while for outdoor growing, you can choose a marijuana strain of any types as long as it is strong enough to withstand any stress that may be caused by the environment. You can choose to grow even marijuana plants that can grow too tall because the space outside is wide enough to accommodate them.
Choose the type of cannabis seeds that can grow well with your prepared grow set-up. Indica marijuana seeds can best suit indoor cultivation while sativa pot seeds can grow taller when planted outdoors with abundant sunlight.
Why indica marijuana seeds are best to grow indoors?
Due to the space indoors, the height of the marijuana plants should be considered. Indica cannabis plants are characterized by bigger leaves and larger colas but when it comes to height, it has the ability to maintain a short to medium stature. Most indica pot seeds can only grow up to medium height. Some indica weed plants are bushy types but height is short so they can be ideally grown indoors where space is limited. Cannabis seeds mostly grown indoors grow fast and earlier to mature. Indica marijuana plants can even be induced to flower by simply switching light and dark hours which cannot be done if you are growing outdoors.
What type of cannabis seeds are good for growing outdoors?
One of the benefits of growing outdoors is that, you can grow even taller plants because of the wide space. Best for cultivating outdoors are the sativa marijuana seeds. Sativa marijuana plants are featuring slender leaves and buds with great potency. They also have short internodes of about 2 to 3 inches between the branches. The leaves may be thin but they can reach a very tall height of up to 25 feet for some sativa cannabis strains. Most of the things needed by these sativa plants are already supplied by nature and sunlight is one of the greatest advantages of outdoor growing of cannabis.

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