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Finding the Best Pot Seeds to Grow According to your Level of Expertise

Success in marijuana growing starts from cannabis seeds with good genetics. If you start from bad quality pot seeds, you will most likely fail in your goal of having good harvest of potent buds. Bad quality marijuana seeds will give you poor harvest no matter how skilled you are and even when all growing equipments are provided. Marijuana seeds are of various kinds. There are sativas, indicas and strains that possess both qualities of an indica and a sativa marijuana type.
To find the best pot seeds to grow, look for a marijuana type that will suit your gardening skills. There are seed types that are easy to cultivate and there are also marijuana strains that need some level of expertise in pot growing for them to produce high yield and buds with high THC level. If you are new to weed growing, select a type of strain that is not demanding to grow but can produce good harvest even if you do not have the advanced growing skills. Hydroponic growing and Screen of Green are best done if you have an experience in weed growing.
Seed genetics will determine the growth rate, the quality of the buds and the amount of yield of a certain pot strain. If you are still in search of a strain to grow, choose the one that is naturally robust, pest-resistant, easy to manage and produces good harvest of quality buds.
What are the features of indica marijuana seeds?
Indica marijuana seeds are known for their short height. Although some indica stains can grow bushy, they do not grow very tall which is a special feature that a grower who wants to grow indoors is looking for. These pot seeds are easy to manage because of their small stature. Indica marijuana plants grow faster and will mature earlier than sativas. Also, they can produce large colas heavy loaded with THC resins.
What are the features of sativa cannabis seeds?
Sativa pot seeds are known for their tall height that can reach up to 20 feet long when allowed to grow outside under the natural sunlight. Most sativa types produce buds with very high THC level. The leaves are thin, the buds look slender but sativa cannabis plants produce buds that are very potent. Sativa marijuana seeds take longer before they will start to produce flowers. Sativa plants grown outside will depend on the growing season. That’s why it takes several weeks before flowering time occurs.

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