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Do Free Marijuana Seeds from Online Seedbanks Germinate?

The answer to this question is absolutely yes. For as long as you get them from a legitimate online seedbank then you don’t have to worry about its germination rate. Do remember that these free weed seeds are a sort of gratitude to you from those company. If they’ll provide you with bad free weed seeds then would you buy from them again? They don’t want to lose good paying customers like you so these free seeds are really high quality. The only downside of these free cannabis seeds is that you cannot select which strain you would be receiving however it’s for sure that the seeds are high quality and may include some of the best marijuana strains available. It’s a mix of their best seeds.
How can I get Free Marijuana Seeds from Online Seedbanks?
There are a lot of ways of getting those free seeds. First and foremost, you have to purchase their premium seeds and you’ll get some freebies. There are some seedbanks which offer promo seeds for their first time buyers or for those who will reach an amount which they require enable for a customer to qualify for some free seeds (the number of free seeds varies). You can visit their FAQ section or you can contact their customer service for more information.
How to grow the free marijuana seeds that I received when I ordered premium weed seeds online?
Growing the free marijuana seeds is the same as with how you grow the premium seeds. Just a tip: Do not include or place it near the premium seeds so that you won’t have any problems mixing them up with the other strains. There are some free seeds which will grow into a male plant and if you plant them near the feminized marijuana plants, then there is a big chance that your female weed will pollinate and it will turn into males. You don’t want that to happen so make sure that you have a separate grow area or grow room for your free marijuana seeds.
One more thing: If you are a total beginner at growing marijuana then the free seeds would be a great practice plants for you. You can start with them and whatever the result is; you won’t have any concerns or losses because you got them for free. However, you still need to provide them with care and attention just like what you will give to the premium plants because who knows that the free seeds that you are growing include some cannabis cup winners?

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