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Average Flowering (55 – 65 days)

Why buy average flowering marijuana seeds?

If you want to see your marijuana plants flower within 55 – 65 days then buy the average flowering marijuana seeds which we have for sale in our website. We can assure you that all the marijuana seed products that we have for sale are high quality and have high germination rate. Just make sure that you follow the proper germination steps so that you will get the best germination rate that you ever wanted. It is our desire to help you, therefore you can contact us during our business hours if you have any questions about the marijuana seeds that we have for sale in this website.

Are marijuana seeds legal in Canada?

Absolutely yes. If you go to the major cities in Canada, you can see marijuana dispensaries which sell marijuana seeds. We are a legal online Canada based marijuana seed bank which offer shipping to our worldwide customers. Our shipping times and rates may differ depending on where you are located at.

Why buy marijuana seeds on the internet?

Just like any other products, if you buy marijuana seeds from the internet, you don’t have to travel to your nearest stores just to buy marijuana seeds. Technically, you can save money if you buy marijuana seeds on the internet plus you have a lot of options if you browse the different websites online rather than going to your local dispensaries where stocks are only limited and their prices are higher than what we have to offer.

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