Strawberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strawberry Marijuana Seeds is a marijuana strain with high THC and quicker flowering. It’s a sweet strain of berry, strawberry, spicy, and plum flavors you’ll definitely enjoy. Strawberry has a euphoric, powerful, calming, and uplifting effect for headaches, stress, depression, nausea, muscle aches, and anxiety.

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Strawberry Marijuana Seeds Characteristics

Ripe strawberries are difficult to resist: they’re the quintessential summer fruit from their aroma and presence to their sweetness. The namesake marijuana strain shares much of this epicurean’s pleasure. Strawberry is a common alternative for smokers who just want a delicious chill-out. A staple in Dutch cafes and growing rooms, it has reasonably high THC levels for high-quality assurance. This strain’s exact lineage remains unknown, and initiatives to expose it were unsuccessful. Many breeders use it to build hybrids, and its enigmatic nature is no hindrance, as it has proven desired qualities.

Nobody is entirely sure of the Indica-to-Sativa proportion of the plant, but most experts believe it’s Sativa based on its impact. With THC levels averaging 12-18 percent, beginners and veterans alike will enjoy Strawberry. It offers a soaring cerebral high, soft enough not to overpower or stun users. The plant smells like its namesake fruit with extra earth and spice indications. It has a pungent but fun fragrance that’s almost likely to catch your mouth water – simply put, Strawberry is among the market’s best tasting strains. Other than a pleasant scent, it has a delicious taste. Marijuana connoisseurs love a strawberry and grape smoothie. It has a mildly oaky smell and taste and some spicy undercurrents. It’s soft, fruity, extremely sweet.

Strawberry Marijuana Seeds Effects

Strawberry’s effects are unlikely to overpower, with THC levels between the 12 percent and 18 percent range. This weed can be enjoyed by both experienced and inexperienced tokers and experience its smooth high. The buzz is slowly building up and does not hit the point where one loses control. You’ll sense depressive feelings drifting away as the adventure progresses, and they’ll be replaced with a euphoric, elevated mental state that overcomes psychological stressors.

In a variety of ways, Strawberry’s incredible mental stimulation can benefit consumers of medical marijuana. Those dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD can benefit from its happy and uplifting impact. Since the buzz is long-lasting, for the entire day, its effects can often be felt. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds are also said to contain the strain. Strawberry smoking can help patients suffering from muscle spasms, headaches and migraines-it are not powerful enough to induce couch-lock, but it is strong enough just to effectively relieve aches and pains. It’s not without side effects, considering Strawberry’s many possible benefits.

It is normal to have dry eyes and cottonmouth, and proper hydration can help you prevent them. A slight headache and some dizziness can be encountered by some users. Usually, this can be remedied by reducing the dose and keeping within the own tolerance limits. You can also find yourself sociable and outgoing. Strawberry smokers tend to be delighted and vivid and to be around with utter joy. The emotional high is followed by a faint bodily buzz. It’s not instantly apparent, but then a noticeable calm will start enveloping you a few minutes after the first strike. It is pleasantly soothing and, if taken in moderation, it does not contribute to couch-lock. Strawberry enthusiasts are typically able to remain active and productive for this purpose.

What Growers Need To Know About Strawberry Marijuana Seeds

Strawberry is easy to develop and should be easy to handle for even inexperienced producers. It grows to around 4 feet tall, so to get good results, Sativa fans won’t need a huge amount of space. Since its branches are strong enough to bear its enormous colas, it is also worry-free to watch it bloom. Nor is the shrub especially shaggy, so occasional pruning is appropriate. Knowledge about the growth model of the plant is somewhat minimal at the present, but if given an ideal chance to build, it is sure to thrive both indoors and out. In a managed environment, you can anticipate about 0.36 ounces per square foot, and when grown al fresco, the same yield per plant.

Many gardeners enjoy cultivating the plant indoors with a SOG system through hydroponics. For higher production, this combined approach maximizes growth. The flowering period is short and only lasts 8 to 9 weeks. As long as it is placed in a position with direct access to sunshine, the strain also loves the great outdoors. Sowing will start around the end of April until May in northern regions and harvesting must not go beyond October. This is to keep the precious buds from being damaged by the weather and frost.

Strawberry Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 4 or more oz/m2
Outdoor 4 or more oz/plant
Height : Short
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 9 weeks
Outdoor October
Stone : Relaxing, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic
THC level : 12% to 18%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Strawberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Stella Sandström

    Stella Sandström

    This strain did not fail me. Instead a real success along the grow. I love how it grew taller. More leaves and awesome flowerings. It made through until the harvest day, bigger huge buds!

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