CBD Sour Tangie (1:20) Seeds

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Sour Tangie Seeds is a Sativa cannabis strain that in just 9 weeks is known for its quick growth and easy cultivation. It has a calming impact that makes you euphoric, enthusiastic, and imaginative. Stress, nausea, depression, and discomfort will help you cope with it. With lime, diesel, and citrus tastes that will last, Sour Tangie has a strong THC at 18 percent.

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Sour Tangie Strain Characteristics

In the therapeutic department, CBD Sour Tangie is a modern combination, made up of 9 percent CBD and just 0.6 percent THC. It is ideal for daytime use and is ideal for those who want the advantages of marijuana without the high. Although not psychoactive, owing to the optimistic frame of mind it grants, this Sativa strain is still ideal for recreational environments. As creative juices start flowing again, the artistically-inclined can feel freshly motivated. It also helps remove brain fog, enhancing concentration.

All these cerebral effects arise when a balanced amount of energy and stimulation is doused in the body. It is said that CBD relieves exhaustion, nausea, and severe fatigue, so the encounter is sure to be a relaxing and enjoyable one. The citrusy scent and flavor of CBD Sour Tangie will be extremely delectable for lovers of orange Kool-Aid. Some spiced floral and kerosene-like undercurrents are also available, giving an exciting and uncommon twist to this citrusy bud.

Sour Tangie Strain Effects

For most people, it is crucial to start the morning right, particularly on a workday. You should pursue CBD Sour Tangie’s assistance and keep ahead of the game to clear away the cobwebs of lack of motivation and a shrouded mind. There is an insignificant number of THC in this strain and it is therefore very unlikely to deliver a psychoactive high. Instead, it induces mind clarity, meaning that the brain activity will not be disturbed by mental fog and negative thoughts. This cognitive cleanup enables the mind to concentrate with increased creative vigor on the task at hand. It also uplifts the mood, which leads to a healthier mindset and extra motivation.

The right mix of energizing and calming stimuli, on the physical side, keeps the body healthy and relaxed. Its pain-relieving effect helps guarantee that every part of the body is free of pain, so it is easy to travel. Sour Tangie, the ultra-therapeutic CBD, has different medicinal uses. Its anxiolytic activity can relieve symptoms of sadness, fear, and depression while combating exhaustion with an energizing blow. Conditions such as inflammation, insomnia, and multiple sclerosis, typically used to relieve chronic and acute pains, can momentarily cease to exist. Mild cases of cottonmouth and dry lips can still occur, so remain hydrated appropriately.

What Growers Need To Know About Sour Tangie Strain

There are several traits in CBD Sour Tangie that make it advantageous to develop. It easily vegetates and flowers, with a shorter life pattern than most strains of Sativa. The terpene profile keeps the growing area sweet and insanely citrusy, particularly if your media uses organic soil. More importantly, medium-sized yields of thick, long buds covered with dense resin are produced. Perhaps its propensity to stretch, reaching up to 10 feet tall outside, is the biggest battle with this strain. If getting a tall plant is an issue, it may be appropriate to employ height-restricting techniques. Growers may use smaller containers, shorten the vegetative process, tether, top the main cola crown, or use the method of Screen of Green. The last three are famous because they improve the capacity for yield as well.

CBD Sour Tangie is easy to work with, aside from its vigorous vertical development. Maintaining optimum airflow and light penetration is easy, owing to its sparse foliage and leaves. It’s easy to avoid moisture accumulation and pathogen attacks as long as these two variables are religiously controlled. CBD Sour Tangie finishes flowering after 7 to 9 weeks when grown indoors. The humidity must be about 40 to 50 percent during this period and reduced to 30 to 40 percent two weeks before harvest. Set the temperature at 70 to 79°F in the rising field. This strain can produce as much as 0.98 to 1.15 ounces per square foot, with favorable conditions and the correct technique. While possible, outdoor cultivation is not advised, particularly when growing high-CBD varieties. The volume and consistency of the buds and, with lower overall CBD levels, their effectiveness in alleviating health problems will be impaired by exposure to less than optimal conditions. The strain prefers a humid, Mediterranean environment if the growing outside is required. They will share up to 14 to 17 ounces per plant of sticky buds that can be harvested in the polar regions by October.


Sour Tangie High CBD Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa-dominant
Climate : Mediterranean/Sunny
Yield : Indoor 300 – 350 g/m2
Outdoor 400 – 500 gr/plant
Height : Tall
Flowering : Indoors 6 – 8 Weeks
Outdoors October
Stone : Calming, Creative, Energetic
THC level : 18%
Grow : Easy

1 review for CBD Sour Tangie (1:20) Seeds

  1. Avatar for Axelle Westrik

    Axelle Westrik

    I chose this strain to grow because of my friend’s recommendation. Then I begin with only 10 seeds. 8 out of 10. So far, they are growing step by step. A very healthy plant. I also harvest so many buds from this one. Good thing from this, so relaxed, soothe the pain. Smooth feeling and very smokey one. I like it! I will order for more!

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