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CBD ACDC Marijuana Seeds

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ACDC Marijuana Strain is a sativa – indica dominant marijuana strain with a high CBD quality, although just 1 percent is THC. It is a short plant that grows up to 120 cm tall but can make good yields indoors of 650 grams per sq meter and outdoors of up to 500 grams per plant.

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ACDC Strain Characteristics

With dominant tones of oaky sweetness accompanied by slight hints of juicy citrus, the fragrance of the ACDC strain is a good one. The taste is identical to the scent, with an overwhelmingly strong flavor tang, smelling a little spicy.ACDC cannabis is actually quite similar to that of a mossy-style bud in terms of aesthetics, with light yellow shades and mixed traces of orange streaks throughout. Among the sugar leaves, brassy orange pistils curl and twist, which normally do not look quite frosty due to the absence of THC content.

ACDC Strain Effects

The ratio of ACDC cannabis is often assumed to be around 50:50, implying this would have a very healthy and even-keeled high, if it had enough THC to do any real psychoactive harm, of course. While you may not notice any psychoactive effects, after smoking or drinking ACDC weed, you may feel a bit more comfortable and relieved of tension, but it should never hit a level where it will potentially have a detrimental effect on your day. Instead, regular users of ACDC cannabis have recorded an improved willingness to maintain focus, and also an improvement in feelings of joy, happiness, and general satisfaction. This is the best medical cannabis strain.

Most will also accept that the ACDC strain makes it easy, without experiencing any difference in the quality of dramatic mental or behavioral improvement, to go through everyday activities. And, of course, you should not encounter all of the usual “stoner” effects of ACDC marijuana; your response speed should not drop, you should not feel any tingly feeling in your body, you must not crack up hysterically at anything, and you must probably not probably eat anything in your refrigerator. And most of all, where ACDC cannabis really shines is in its therapeutic talents, which are able to make life significantly more pleasant for people dealing with a host of extreme illnesses, which we will go into more depth in the next segment.

In comparison, ACDC helps to offer an attitude or behavior uplifting light, holding people with mental disorders away from negative thinking habits that may cause more sadness, tension, anxiety, or insomnia. In addition, there have been several occasions where it has been hard for users to cure a common ailment with traditional medications, but CBD-heavy strains have been shown to offer substantial assistance. Users with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and even muscular dystrophy, for instance, all experienced a slight in symptoms after drinking high-CBD strains such as ACDCC.

What Growers Need To Know About ACDC Strain

ACDC marijuana is a plant of average build, usually rising at most to around four feet. The composition of its plant is identical to that of the typical ‘skunk’ strains, with buds gathering together in bunches classified as colas. Most will accept that ACDC weed is very difficult to cultivate, and for a good yield demands lots of maintenance. In order to grow a solid stalk and roots, the plant requires tremendous support, beginning with some kind of foundation it can hold on to.

Such problems need to be immediately identified and treated, or the crop can degrade very quickly in health. Any nutrients, particularly calcium and magnesium rates, would also likely need to be supplemented for the harvest. Shaking the strain would also be a reasonable way to add less tension to the crop, which could help boost the method of cultivation.

ACDC can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but normally grows best indoors as the regulated climate can serve as a protective measure for fungal diseases. Outdoors, for the plant to survive effectively, the temperature could be either warm or moderate, or slightly cool, but if the atmosphere is on the chillier side, the flowering period can extend significantly. For ACDC, the usual flowering season is 9-10 weeks, with indoor growing yielding approximately 14 ounces of herb per sq meter, and outdoor growing slightly larger at 16 ounces per plant.ACDC marijuana is not for newcomers to try out, but the bud that comes from a fruitful attempt can be spectacular, provided you are open to the possibility of potential disappointment and are able to feel the burden of that risk.


ACDC High CBD Strain Specifications

Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 14 oz/m2
Outdoor 16 0z/plant
Height : Medium
Flowering : Indoors 65-72 days
Outdoors mid October
Stone : Calm, Focus, Euphoric
THC level : 1%
Grow : Moderate

4 reviews for CBD ACDC Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Carlos Taylor

    Carlos Taylor

    Looking at it, so healthy plant. I am truly surprised for this strain. At first I cant believe it would be a success. Now at least, it was a 12 inches in height. Green fresher leaves. Thanks a lot..

  2. Avatar for Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas

    Thank you MJ Seeds Canada for the great customer service as always! I received my package a day earlier and all the seeds were great! I am scheduling this for prep today and will be planting this as soon as possible. Looking forward for another great harvest!

  3. Avatar for Sean leo

    Sean leo

    Indeed, growing this strain is as fun as harvesting the yields! The whole process from planting to harvesting was just so smooth and I had no problems with it so far! This strain can totally hold a candle to some of the best ones you know for sure!

  4. Avatar for Howard Willams

    Howard Willams

    Consumers love this for it’s CBD content which widens it’s coverage in treating diseases. This is the main reason why I am growing more of this. it is in demand among the consumers and popular in the medical marijuana community. I am also giving this a high rating because all the seeds I got germinated and grew resiliently. I got much greater value than the money I invested.

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