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Auto CBD Harlequin Marijuana Seeds

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With a high 7 percent CBD and just 10 percent THC, Harlequin Weed Seeds is a heavy Sativa cannabis variety. It is a compact plant that grows just 100 cm and can make excellent yields indoors and outdoors approximately 400 gr/plant. It is common for the relief of depression, headache, arthritis, nausea, and stress due to its elevated CBD.

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Harlequin Strain Characteristics

It is known for its powerful benefits of painkilling and anti-anxiety, and it also encourages a holistic relaxation that comes with a gentle intellectual buzz. For a time, Harlequin’s 5:2 CBD to THC ratio was appropriate for cannabis lovers who didn’t mind a touch of emotional travel, but without a psychoactive high, other consumers wanted the medicinal results. To decrease the THC content to almost non-existent rates, the breeders were able to modify their CBD-rich strains, while still increasing their CBD load. CBD Harlequin spawned the dangerous company, which has a 9 percent CBD capability and a barely 0.6 percent THC level. Users get the same health-boosting results of the original in a more powerful way with this strain and without psychoactive influence. It has been used to help relieve stress, anxiety, and inflammation. For a good crop, mid-level growers are better managed by CBD Harlequin. Since it is produced in ideal conditions, there is an extremely unlikely chance of developing hermies. There are no male plants to discard, so it takes less work. Not all drugs taste unpleasant, and CBD Harlequin is a prime example. Its flowers have delicious citrus and mango fragrance and taste, with a touch of dankness lurking underneath.

Harlequin Strain Effects

Look no further than CBD Harlequin if you’re hunting for a daytime bud that will rock your productivity. Without some mind-altering effects, the uplifting influence spreads a positive vibe and switches off troubling thoughts. It also increases concentration, in addition to having a good atmosphere, so it can be appreciated even while working on a packed schedule. CBD Harlequin looks much like a mixture in terms of its physical influence, energizing while holding the body cool as well. Users should be assured that they will not go crazily hyperactive due to this sense of equilibrium or feel like their whole body is stuck to a ball and chain. When you need to be busy for a few hours, it is fine. As a therapeutic strain, CBD Harlequin really shines, and it shares permanent head-to-toe relaxation that manifests rapidly. It has been used to relieve signs of asthma, headaches, PMS, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain, and is said to be a strong pain reliever that also lessens inflammation. When exhaustion stops you from doing things, while this bud is present, it is impossible to occur. It is also said that CBD Harlequin is a strong strain of anxiolytic and antidepressants that can benefit sufferers of anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. If your appetite lately is a no-show, or if food just doesn’t stay down, the antiemetic role of this herb can also benefit. CBD Harlequin, unlike high-THC marijuana strains, is very unlikely to increase anxiety or cause paranoia. That being said, cottonmouth and dry lips can also be caused by overindulging.

What Growers Need To Know About Harlequin Strain

CBD Harlequin behaves like a Sativa, but it’s also squat and shaggy with a lot of Indica-like lateral branching. You’ll need to prune away unwanted leaves and branches because of the composition to avoid moisture build-up. To ward off pests and parasites, ventilation, light exposure, temperature, and humidity in the developing region must also be well controlled. It enjoys a semi-humid atmosphere during the daytime, but less so at night. You will optimize the room if you cultivate four or more of these plants at the same time, while also boosting bud development through the Sea of Green technique. Within 8 to 9 weeks, the plant flowers and yields up to 1.31 ounces per square foot. Keep in mind that harvesting after 10 weeks boosts the buds’ THC load. CBD Harlequin can also be developed outdoors in areas like southern Europe that have Mediterranean weather. Around 14 ounces can be produced by each vine, with harvest falling in the polar regions by mid-October.


Harlequin High CBD Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa-dominant
Climate : Mediterranean / Sunny
Yield : Indoor 400 g/m2
Outdoor 400 gr/plant
Height : 100 cm Tall
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 Weeks
Outdoors October
Stone : Calming Sensation
THC level : 10%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Auto CBD Harlequin Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Armas Kantee

    Armas Kantee

    I am really impressed with the outcome of this strain. I started growing only 5 seeds. Not a huge amount but these 5 are amazing. 5/5 germinated and has a good yield. I strictly follow the steps on how to grow this successfully. Thanks to the lady who assisted me. And now will harvest on the coming 3rd week of the month. Cheers!

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