Somango Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Somango Marijuana Seeds is a strain of Indica marijuana with a high 20% THC content. This is a tiny plant that grows up to 120 cm high but can yield up to 500 g/m2 indoors and up to 550 gr/plant outdoors. For exhaustion, stress, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and headaches, this is an innovative, creative, concentrated, euphoric, and sleepy pressure.

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Somango Strain Characteristics

A vivid hit of tropical flavors is the first aspect you remember when you get the opportunity to sniff Somango. It’s like a blend of all your favorite citrus fruits, with an extra explosion of something extra. This scent shows itself to be distinctly herbal after a strong whiff, with a hint of white pepper on the nose as well. There is plenty of skunkiness as well, an evident holdover from its lineage-linked to a skunk. Inevitably, one of the volatile flavors and thrilling components that never seem to stop is the fragrance of this strain. If you love Jack Herer or other skunky strains, then you’re going to completely love Somango’s taste. Particularly as it burns, it is mainly skunky. It fills your mouth, but it also brings something extra with it. There are plenty of flavors of mango reaching your tongue, almost so many that your palate may be overwhelmed. Some herbal notes are present, almost like an elixir that contains herbal remedies. If you are not careful, the smoke can be intense and painful, making you struggling for air. The taste is very confusing since it goes between moderate skunkiness to overpowering mango and herbs through such bursts of strength. The flowers and buds of this strain are remarkably similar to Sativa which is unusual given its firm leaning towards Indica. There is plenty of the usual coloration of leafy green, but also plenty of distinctive yellow and white spots. These two colors suggest, specifically, pistils which trichomes and indicate a great deal of productivity yet to come. The most promising feature of this strain’s emergence is the existence of anthocyanins.

In exceptionally cold weather, these vibrant pigments emerge as the plant reaches its flowering time. This impacts the bud in both blue and purple shades. Of course, in any example of Somango buds, this isn’t present. Either you need to be fortunate, or you need to go and develop yourself.

Somango Strain Effects

Somango, as it can be very heavy, is a favorite of many skilled uses, but offers just the right combination of impact. When smoking this herb, you should anticipate feeling comfortable, and it will leave you feeling a little inclined to sink into the couch to appreciate the borderline psychedelic effects on your thoughts. Many customers like this hybrid for its ability to allow them, whenever they need to be, to remain clear-minded and centered. Without realizing how much time is going by, Somango will help you accomplish tasks, which is great for those days where you have a clear target you need to achieve. Somango, with your mood at an all-time high, will leave you feeling invigorated and content. By consuming this strain, you are likely to get the munchies, so it is best to have a selection of snacks around. This Indica-dominant plant can also make it easier for you to fall asleep, so it is better eaten later in the day, just to be sure. There will always be those who use it for its medicinal benefits when you have a strong, well-known, and extremely useful strain like Somango. Although most people generally appreciate marijuana because of its mental or calming effects, some people need it to help them get through a serious illness. For medicinal purposes, the main application of the Somango strain is to help relieve discomfort. Somango will possibly help, whether it be temporary pain or discomfort induced by a long-term illness or disease. In fact, it has potent anti-inflammatory effects, particularly if you end up with a phenotype rich in CBD.

What Growers Need To Know About Somango Strain

Somango Marijuana strain seeds, if you search online, are shockingly readily available. Soma Seeds is all about ensuring that its commodity is spread far and wide, so almost everywhere you can expect to find it. Even so, you need to keep it pretty chilly if you want the lovely blue and purple coloring on your buds. In its increasing process, try to subject it to low weather during the night. If growing indoors, either switch the air conditioning high or just plant it at the end of the growing phase. You don’t want to feel the snow, but it’s going to be beautiful with some cooler weather. Since Somango plants appear to grow very tall, you can find it wise to try and tie it to a post to make sure it grows properly. Additional pruning is helpful both in promoting plant health, but also in the development of final buds. You want to promote more lateral, sideways development, as this will result in an increased flowering period of bud production. Make sure to treat your Somango buds particularly carefully after you have reached harvest time. The coloring can be easily damaged or ruined by some form of interference. Handle your Somango correctly, and with excellent effects, it will compensate you.

Somango Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 500 g/m2
Outdoor 550 gr/plant
Height : 120 cm
Flowering : Indoors 9 – 10 weeks
Outdoor late October
Stone : Relaxing, Focus, Happy
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Somango Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Isotta Piazza

    Isotta Piazza

    Impressive plant. I purchase the 10 seed pack. I love it. Except that the leaves fell for no reason. So I supply the plant with additional nutrients. And the plant became more healthier. Leaves grew again, greener and bigger. The total impact was magnificent! Cheers!

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