Snow Ripper Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Snow Ripper Marijuana Seeds is a 19% high THC Indica marijuana strain. This is a tall plant with yields of up to 450 g/m2 indoors and up to 600 gr/plant outdoors, rising to 180 cm tall. The flavors are earthy, oak, herbal, woody, and pungent.

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Snow Ripper Marijuana Strain Characteristics

Snow Ripper, a combination of Ginger Ale and Afghani, also has a hidden hybrid in its genes that contributes to its profile a little bit of mysteriousness. The proportion of its Sativa substance is still uncertain, but it is believed to be negligible since the results are mainly Indica. The root of its name, fittingly for a strain obscured by enigma, is also open to controversy. After winter rain, the fragrance is suggestive of the scent of a wet forest, so maybe that’s the source of inspiration. A lot about Snow Ripper, obviously, is still open to doubt. But there’s one thing guaranteed: it’s a solid, sedating herb that actually hits really hard. Snow Ripper is a very fragrant strain that exudes a pungent pine and gritty wood scent. The smell of wet grass and the oaky ground is obvious when smoked. If you close your eyes, you can be transported to a frosty forest immediately. The taste is more vibrant than the aroma, but also more intense. It has an intense floral taste when inhaled, which becomes earthier upon exhalation.

Snow Ripper Marijuana Strain Effects

With a THC level of 15% to 22%, this herb first offers a high brain level. It will easily blast away gloomy feelings and, with an awakened mood, make you soar sky-high. Then, after a couple of minutes, the huge Indica content of the bud will kick in. Until you enter a state of absolute physical happiness, a relaxed feeling will take over your whole body.

This strain is quite powerful, so it would be prudent for new users to steer clear. It is also important to smoke after work and in a comfortable and healthy place where you can relax and, ultimately, sleep. Even with moderate amounts, the final destination is still Slumberville. You may want to give this bud a go if you had a long, hectic day at work. You’ll start to feel stress-free in both the body and the mind after just a few puffs. Many hours of deep slumber are inclined to follow, after which you will wake up refreshed and prepared to face the challenges of a new day. In supporting patients suffering from pain, insomnia, and anxiety, Snow Ripper is said to be helpful. It can relieve the severity of these psychological problems with its strong calming and uplifting effects, enabling patients to feel relaxed, peaceful, and happy. It is also said that the strain has beneficial analgesic and muscle-relaxing qualities that can relieve aches and pains. However, instead of depending on immediate relief, it is important to resolve the true cause of physical pain. There can be some negative effects from this strain, considering its possible benefits. Dry lips and cottonmouth are very prevalent, and a mixture of proper hydration and over-the-counter eye drops will typically cure them. More alarming side effects can also be encountered by those who are vulnerable to mental health disorders or have a poor THC tolerance. You can go for a lower dosage or turn to a different strain if you are feeling dizzy, nervous, or have a migraine.

What Growers Need To Know About Snow Ripper Marijuana Strain

Snow Ripper is a pure delight for gardeners, immune to mold, sickness, and pests. It won’t be difficult for novices to develop, and seasoned growers will find it an absolute breeze. It also generates heaps of big nugs coated with resin, in addition to being inherently durable, so it’s perfect for making BHO and hash. With large leaves and stems which grow closely along, it has a typical Indica shaggy structure. The short frame of Snow Ripper means it’s perfect for growing indoors as it doesn’t take a lot of space. Just offer it proper control of hydration, water, and light, and it will thrive. You should expect production of 1.15 to 1.47 ounces per square foot. If you want to greatly increase the production, consider extending the strain outdoors. It will need much less care as it is resistant to common plant problems, but it does require plenty of light.

Its flowering season takes place in the southern hemisphere between mid-April and in the north in mid-October. Come harvest time, a plentiful harvest of about 21 ounces per plant can be enjoyed. The flowering process of the Snow Ripper Fem takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete. In the meantime, for a more powerful body pulse, hash-makers should wait a little longer for the resin to turn darker.

Snow Ripper Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoo 450 g/m2
Outdoor 600 gr/plant
Height : 180 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor mid-October
Stone : Relaxing, Calming
THC level : 15% to 22%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Snow Ripper Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Bobby Zamarripa

    Bobby Zamarripa

    The best among the strains I’ve tried. The plant grow so much and branches are spread ed. It was so much fun experience. For those who has nothing to do, Its best hobby you can do. Harvest day was so great, plenty of buds!Thanks!

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