Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


A world-renowned Indica hybrid, the Purple Kush feminized marijuana strain is born from combining highly popular ganja. This feminized version of the Purple Kush is the offspring of the Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush. Due to its iconic lineage and very high THC levels, this weed delivers potent yet pleasant effects that aim to target both the mind and body. Not only that, but it also has effective medicinal use that can be very helpful to medical marijuana users. This Indica plant is laden with dense, hefty, and frosty buds that produce flavors and aromas that are mostly earthy and pungent with berry nuances. Moreover, growers find this cannabis plant very appealing because of its ease of growth and high production of yield. The Purple Kush feminized strain is really an amazing and quality weed that will definitely be a great addition to any stash and garden.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Purple Kush Feminized Seeds?

With its unique purple-colored buds with white and orange hairs, the flavor profile of the Purple Kush feminized strain can easily be distinguished by looking at the buds alone. This herb has an aroma that’s distinctly pungent with subtle earthy undertones. As for its taste, the weed offers sweet flavors of grapes and berries that are pleasing to the palate.

Its high THC levels of around 25.51% allow the strain to produce a strong high that is surprisingly not psychedelic. In fact, it goes for a strong full-body high that is extremely relaxing and tranquilizing, soothing every muscle and nerve in the body. The weed usually leads users to reach a deep state of calm which gradually ends up in a couchlock situation. Aside from that, the weed can also soothe the mind, letting it drift pleasantly into serenity. It is really a perfect choice for chilling after a long day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Purple Kush Feminized Seeds?

Due to its strong Indica effects, the Purple Kush Feminized strain can help in treating several illnesses concerning the mind and body. This strain is known to provide comfort and relief to those who are suffering from body pains such as migraines, fatigue, arthritis, muscle spasms, joint pains, and other chronic pains. On the other hand, the weed’s calming and tranquilizing effects can help users manage the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression by boosting their moods and getting rid of all their negative energies. Its deeply relaxing effects can help those who combat insomnia by letting them fall asleep faster.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

As with other marijuana strains, the Purple Kush feminized strain is known to produce adverse reactions. The most common ones are experiencing dry eyes and cottonmouth. When taken in larger amounts, feelings of dizziness, anxiety and mild paranoia can occur. With its potency, the effects can be very overwhelming, especially for beginners.

How to Grow Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

Cultivating the Purple Kush feminized seeds is really an easy task to do which is ideal even for beginner growers. This cannabis plant is suited for both indoor and outdoor growth. However, it thrives best in sunny, warm, and Mediterranean-like climates. It finishes its entire flowering period within only 8-10 weeks. When it reaches its maturation stage, it generates purple-colored, heavy buds that are coated in frosty trichomes. Growing methods such as the Sea of Green (SOG) can effectively enhance the plant’s bud production. Around harvest time, which is usually around October, growers can collect yields of up to 250-400G.


Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Purple Afghani x Hindu Kush
Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Continental, Mediterranean
Yield: 250-400G
Flavors: Earthy, Pungent, Sweet, Berry, Grape
THC Level: 25.51%
CBD Level: 0.40%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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