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Platinum OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Growing your own supply of Platinum OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds has never been simpler thanks to its simple-to-grow nature. Expect a strong and profoundly calming experience with a 20% THC concentration.

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Frequently bought together

Platinum OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Platinum OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Master Kush x OG Kush x Unknown
CBG Level
Mediterranean, Sunny, Warm
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvesting Time
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
400 g/m2
Outdoor Yields
550 g/plant
Bulk Buds, Frosty Trichomes, Lime Green, Orange Hairs, Possibility of Purple Buds
Taste and Smell
Coffee, Herbal, Pine, Pungent, Sweet, Woody
Body High, Cerebral, Creative, Euphoric, Hungry, Sleepy
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Phellandrene, Pinene


Platinum OG Strain gives a tranquil and soothing high that will put you in a blissful state, with a hint of CBD content to balance the effects. Platinum OG Strain is the ideal strain for relaxing after a hard day because it is an Indica-Dominant hybrid. Accept the peace it gives as it eases your tension and stress, leaving you in a state of complete relaxation. Since the growth period is only 7 to 9 weeks long, you can quickly reap the rewards of your labor. Platinum OG Strain is a must-try due to its high yields both inside and outdoors, as well as its high THC content. Already persuaded? Along with a wide selection of other feminized seeds, MJSeedsCanada– Best Value Cannabis Seed Shop in Canada, offers Platinum OG Strain seeds for sale.

Description of Platinum OG Strain

The famed Master Kush and OG Kush strains are combined with an unidentified third strain to create the Platinum OG Strain, which is a tribute to the skill of genetic blending. A totally distinctive and outstanding cannabis experience is produced by this mixture. Platinum OG Strain’s 20% THC content results in a strong high that will gradually lift you to new levels of tranquility and happiness. For individuals who value both an energizing bodily high and a cerebral buzz, it strikes the ideal balance. Although Platinum OG Strain tends to be more Indica than Sativa, it gives a stimulating cerebral high that is followed by a wonderful physical high. It’s the perfect strain for relaxing after a hard day, inspiring creativity, or just entering a blissful state of tranquility. Imagine experiencing a rush of happiness that inspires creativity and helps you to focus. You’ll experience a pleasant, calming sensation wash over your body as the high intensifies, making it ideal for people looking to relax and let go. Also, it’s possible that you’ll get the want to nibble, so be ready to indulge.

How to Grow Platinum OG Strain

Imagine a climate that is sunny and warm, where your plants can enjoy the sun’s rays. Exactly under these circumstances, the Platinum OG Strain thrives, making it simple for you to tend to your crop. You won’t have to wait long to see the results of your labors because blossoming takes only 7-9 weeks. You’ll soon be able to reap the rewards of your efforts. The average height of the Platinum OG Strain is between 5 and 8 feet. Whether you decide to grow it inside or outside, its manageable size makes it suited for a range of growth conditions. Prepare for a fruitful crop. While outdoor producers can rejoice with a bumper crop of up to 550g per plant, indoor growers can anticipate an impressive output of about 400g/m2. Mid-October usually marks the beginning of harvest, when your garden will begin to smell of success.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Platinum OG Strain

The terpene profile of the Platinum OG Strain is broad and includes Myrcene, Phellandrene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene. These terpenes combine in perfect harmony to produce a fragrance and flavor that are simply remarkable. Your senses are immediately greeted by the sweet, strong notes, which are followed by a delicate woody, herbal undertone that gives the experience depth. Then, just when you think it couldn’t be much better, a tinge of coffee and the scent of pine emerge, resulting in a rich and fascinating flavor profile. It’s similar to enjoying a cup of fine coffee while immersed in a pine forest. The bulky buds, which are lavishly covered in icy trichomes, are set against a lush background of lime-green leaves. Platinum OG Strain is a wonderfully beautiful sight to behold, with vibrant orange hairs adding a pop of color and even the potential for coming across mesmerizing purple blooms.



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