Pineapple Express Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Pineapple Express Autoflower is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain result of a three-way cross of Skunk #1, Cheese, and Pineapple strain. This cannabis strain has a significant Indica effect. Pineapple Express Autoflower Strain offers strong physical sedation and relaxation with an uplifting euphoria, making the users relaxed but with a clear mind. However, this cannabis strain is not overpowering, which means it will not leave the users feeling lazy or lethargic. This cannabis strain is ideal for nighttime consumption because it packs a big punch which is not essential for motivation and productivity. Pineapple Express Autoflower is also a famous medical marijuana strain. Indica genetics is excellent in dealing with inflammation or chronic pain. It can also help people with depression, stress, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. It also induces appetite, which is ideal for users with eating disorders.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Pineapple Express Autoflower Strain?

You will undoubtedly experience a surge of pleasure when you use Pineapple Express Autoflower Strain. Pineapple Express Auto has a smooth effect that can leave its user feeling uplifted and optimistic, ready to take on a day with vigor. It will give you a feeling of euphoria and an increase in energy. It is also a great mood-uplifter and can induce unexpected ideas. Pineapple Express Autoflower is ideal for daytime consumption as it relaxes the user without making them tired or sleepy. It would keep you in a happy mood, with a little daydreaming and fun threw in for good measure.

This cannabis strain tastes just as it smells. So it is perfect for pineapple fruit lovers. Pineapple Express Autoflowering Strain has a sweet tropical vibe and a pine and cedar taste. It also has a sugary aftertaste that tastes like fresh mango and pineapples. Though there are some more potent strains than Pineapple Express Autoflower, this variety maintains its reputation by being one of the most delicious strains available in the market.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Pineapple Express Autoflower Strain?

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are two common side effects of every marijuana strain; these adverse effects can be alleviated by drinking lots of water. Pineapple Express could also make you feel paranoid at times, mainly if you used it in large doses. In worst cases, a mild case of anxiety could manifest, resulting in dizziness and anxiety.

How To Grow Pineapple Express Autoflower Seeds?

Pineapple Express Autoflower seeds used to be very hard to come by. It is a high-quality strain with a large yield. It is also particularly simple to grow and has a strong natural resistance to plant diseases and molds. Pineapple Express Autoflower grows quickly indoors, flowering in around 7-9 weeks on average. It is a significant producer, with an average yield of 18 ounces for every square meter. When growing Pineapple Express outdoors, October is the perfect month for harvesting, with mid-October being the best time. It is estimated that each plant would yield around 19 ounces.


Pineapple Express Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Skunk #1 x Cheese x Pineapple
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Mediterranean, Temperate
Yield: 450-550 grams/m2 (Indoors) 50-200 grams/plant (Outdoors)
Flavors: Sweet, Tropical, Sweet
THC Level:  19%
CBD Level: 0.07%
Height: 100-110 cm Tall
Harvest Period: mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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