Panama Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Panama Marijuana Seeds is a strain of pure Sativa with high THC and immense yields. It is a late bloomer, but with lemon, spicy, sweet, and vanilla flavors, it will generate highly dense buds. You can use this energetic, cheerful, euphoric, and inspiring strain to cope with tiredness, depression, migraines, and all sorts of pain.

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Panama Marijuana Strain Characteristics

Panama cannabis is a Sativa strain that is 100 percent pure. It is called a strain of a landrace. A landrace strain is one in a particular environment that has been modified for development. There is a rather earthy, tropical odor to the Panama strain. Some say that, with a faint hint of citrus, the scent is pungent and dank. The odor can be a little dank and skunky, some users have claimed. On the inhale, Panama marijuana has a cool, sweet licorice taste rounded with a hit on the exhale of woodsy, grassy undercurrents. Most users say that the taste is not overwhelming and is a touch light rather. Panama strain seeds generate plants with tight green buds that are tall, branched, and slender. With alternate golds, reds, and purples, the leaves appear to be broad and bright colors. Even, the leaves are waxy and have a thick resin coating.

Panama Marijuana Strain Effects

While modern marijuana strains have now surpassed Panama, it is regarded as a delightful strain that will be enjoyed by both veterans and inexperienced consumers. With its considerably lower THC content that can hit a total of 16 percent, all types of users can enjoy the strain without the fear of an overwhelming impact. As a Sativa-dominant strain, Panama boasts a collection of upshots in the cortex.

To wit, the strain offers a mellow yet profoundly pleasant and euphoric beginning that can simultaneously raise the vitality of a consumer and stimulate a profound mind. Some users would characterize its general high with psychedelic tendencies as rapid and intense. Because of Panama’s high energy level, it is a perfect option for social events or any activity that involves active social behavior.

Interestingly, to finish off its very lively onset, the pressure also provides gentle relief. It has been used to relieve chronic fatigue in Panama. Users also reported that it only induces a light buzz and an improvement in cognitive performance to have a lasting beneficial impact on their energy levels. Stress, anxiety, and depression have been said to increase. To meet the needs of Sativa enthusiasts, it has enough kick: cheerful, energizing, and uplifting it without risk of turning into a mental sprint. As such, users will enjoy a mellow style of drive, one that sets the day for a smooth and relaxing ride. Besides, it checks smokers’ imaginative side, causing a free association of ideas to flow in an infinite sea. It also enhances vision, allowing those with heightened sights and sounds to revel in their environment. For those looking to accomplish a productive day, such cognitive sharpness makes a perfect smoke. It does, nevertheless, have such psychedelic tendencies that make it best used for personal purposes.

What Growers Need To Know About Panama Marijuana Strain

Growing Panama has many benefits at home. It is resistant to plagues, molds, and diseases, so without worrying, you can sit and watch it bloom. As the plant is a heavy yielder, it is always a source for great joy during harvest time, and the feminized seeds further increase its turnout as there are no males to be thrown away. The famous landrace called Panama has a wide range of characteristics while the latter are smaller and popcorn-shaped.

It has many distinct traits. With thick trichomes, from their flowers to their bright green features, their potential aroma is evident from the start. The purplish-red pistils that make the plant stand out from the pack possibly its most constitutive features. Indoor cultivation is ideal for farmers living in cooler areas. Store low humidity and retain Fahrenheit in temperatures from 70°C to 80°C. The setup of a SCROG facilitates optimal results as well. Panama’s blooming season is 9 to 12 weeks long, but be sure that waiting will probably be worth it since this appearance is a great manufacturer of fragrant delights. The plant thrives in areas with lots of sunlight if you want to grow al fresco. However, growers should not feel discouraged in the polar regions – as long as there is no frost and it isn’t too cold. Just ensure that the harvest is not too cold by the 3rd week of October. Everything is going well, with an output of approximately 17.6 ounces per plant.

Panama Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 350 – 450 gm2
Outdoor 500 gr/plant
Height : 180 cm tall
Flowering : Indoors 10 -12 weeks
Outdoors late October
Stone : Euphoric, Creative, Energetic
THC level : 18%
Grow : Easy

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  1. Avatar for Julia Unger

    Julia Unger

    Fast delivery. The seeds grow and all went well. I put some nutrients into the soil. And the plant shows more progress. It has a blooming flowering stage. I like it. The buds are bigger and hairy. We will be collecting it by next week. More power!

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