Original Lemon Pie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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A Sativa marijuana strain with a large THC and also high outputs are Original Lemon Pie Marijuana Seeds. It has 22% THC, which makes it very active, euphoric, and sociable. It is a compact but prolific plant and can yield about 600 gr/plant outdoors, as it is approximately 70 to 100 cm high.

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Original Lemon Pie Strain Characteristics

The Original Lemon Pie, as its name implies, is sour but sweet. Those who love the pastry it received its moniker from will love this strain as well. And it will enliven and make them hungry for more, like a baked goody. The successful traits of this hybrid were taken from three parent strains. The Sativa effects and citrusy delight were provided by Amnesia Haze. Whereas Skunk #1 gave calmness and other physical benefits to its Indica.The third source remained ambiguous by contrast. However, it should not be needless to say that whatever has been passed on to the Original Lemon Haze, something positive needs to be done because it’s so marvelous to have the original Lemon cake. It boasts mainly a toasted aroma of noodles and spicy herbs, which play with the senses. The faint smell of diesel is also a nice addition because it gives the fragrance a touch of spunk. A sweet and acidic lemon mixture will break through as explosions into the sky hit the mouth.

Original Lemon Pie Strain Effects

The best partner for practices is this active Sativa-dominant strain. It gives a high of euphoria and injects users with a buzz of enthusiasm and energy. They are also the ones busting the moves on the dance floor in group meetings. The move that can leap into a discussion and keep it going is the joint. With Lemon Pie’s power, shy souls are no longer timid. Not just great when socializing, but for those with a very active lifestyle, the drug is also fantastic. Its capacity to boost vigor will keep them working for longer hours. Their optimistic attitude would also bring even more fun to the pastime. Marijuana is also an excellent cerebral depressant. Is not without any unfavorable adverse effects, nevertheless. As stated, it is important to take the powerful strain into the restraint. Expect certain repercussions, such as blurred vision and migraine, if one goes overboard. Even some incur anxiety or fear. Note that these are rare cases and only sometimes include intolerant neonates and THC. There are, on the other hand, popular but minor ones as well. In marijuana use, bloodshot eyes and drying of the mouth and peepers are common. Many tend to only ignore them before they go away by themselves.

However, they are pretty easy to stop. Simply guzzle enough quantities of water and it should be ready for consumers to go. Many are suffering from mental health issues in today’s turbulent world. Fortunately, with only one touch, the joint eliminates fears, worries, and inhibitions. People coping with PTSD, anxiety, stress, and depression feel much lighter and free as a result. Finally, the bud will assist people in dealing with a lack of appetite and nausea. Individuals with an eating disorder and patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, a medication that is known to cause the two problems described above, recover their appetite for food. Hunger is a frequent visitor and it is too much to avoid cravings. Therefore, they end up eating well and getting back their strength and their old selves.

What Growers Need To Know About Original Lemon Pie Strain

For many purposes, it is a pleasure to cultivate the seeds of Original Lemon Pie. The typical plant is robust and very moisture and mold-resistant. She has solid branches with ample golden orange pistils that can keep her dense, adhesive green buds without issues. It is particularly solid, top-quality yields. It doesn’t take competent hands with a lot of expertise to develop delicious flora. Only nurture it and prune it every day to achieve the best result. It also regularly rinses them to increase their growth.

It needs a continuous temperature of approximately 21-26 degrees Celsius in a rising space or tent. Enable 9-10 weeks to flower and make it even more wonderful. When the crop is coming, a smile on one’s face will be 500 grams of delicious buds sq/m2. The natural environment and light are all about Lemon Pie thriving best. Don’t worry, it will still do well even in colder areas for someone who isn’t lucky with the Mediterranean-like weather as long as it isn’t too cold and no frost. That is why harvests of approximately 600 grams per plant are scheduled for mid-October.

Original Lemon Pie Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 500 gm2
Outdoor 600 gr plant
Height : 70 – 100 cm tall
Flowering : Indoors 9 – 10 weeks
Outdoors mid-October
Stone : Euphoric, Sociable, Soothing
THC level : 22%
Grow : Easy

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    Charlie Maloney

    It was a success. I never had issues in growing. All went good. I will buy again!

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