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M8 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa dominant marijuana strain with better growth and also a very elevated THC of 23 percent. This is a small plant that grows from 90 to 120 cm high but can create up to 550 grams per sq meter of production and up to an incredible 1000 grams per plant when grown outdoors. It has an artistic, energizing, bubbly, euphoric, upbeat strain.

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M8 Strain Characteristics

Although it is of uncertain origin, M8’s potency would be enough to make it a must-try weed. The unique strain has a 20 to 23 percent THC capacity, making it much more than capable of delivering an incredible high with a lot of mental activation. Besides the euphoric cerebral flight, the sweet, citrus-like M8 perception also equates to physical effects. Consumers can take part in a variety of activities, but as creative juices flow, they are often used along with creative works. It can also be appreciated in light social situations, owing to its gregarious and bubbly nature. Since THC is said to have therapeutic aspects, M8 can also be an efficient medicinal strain.

It may ease pain, depressive symptoms, stress, severe pain, and loss of appetite. Remember, nevertheless, that its supercharged power should be appreciated with caution. When used in immoderate dose levels, dry lips, cotton-mouth, and light-headedness may occur. M8’s powerful, sweet citrus kick instantly stimulates the mind and senses. As with the notes of the lemon, there is a delicate earthy twist. This adds to the aroma and flavor characteristics of the bud, enabling it to be respectively fresh and developed at the same time.

M8 Strain Effects

M8 is a superbly potent strain that shoots the imagination up high and quickly triggers intense mental sensations. It expresses a potent euphoric feeling that quickly stops anxious feelings and raises the mood. Almost instantly, this instills a pleasant feeling state. In order to keep the expertise pleasing, the strain must be ingested in moderate amounts and only by experienced users. Its amazing concentrations may lead to dry lips and cottonmouth, and it may even induce hallucinations, anxiousness, or hysteria in the worst-case instances.

It has also been used to manage pain and discomfort caused by arthritis, headaches, non-migraine headaches, endometriosis, PMS, and muscular dystrophy, among many others. Because M8 is a stimulating toke, it could be used to fight fatigue, helping consumers to operate with adequate vigor for a few hours. It may also bring back the loss of appetites of patients suffering from anorexia and other hunger-reducing conditions.

What Growers Need To Know About M8 Strain

Sativas tend to extend a lot, but M8 only develops into a moderate plant. Seeking a spot for it is unfulfilling, as it can thrive in medium-sized expanding tents and cabinets, and also developing discreetly in the backyard along with many other seedlings, making guerrilla growing inappropriate. Foliage upkeep is also a walk in the park. It has limited vegetation of long, limited leaves, so airflow, light penetration, and humidity build-up are rarely a matter of concern. To motivate the plant to concentrate its energy on its most appropriate flowering sites, prune the yellowish color and dying leaves and cautiously trim the unnecessary branches that do not generate promising buds. You can assist M8 to prosper in a contained environment by maintaining it relaxed at temperature changes between 70 to 80°F.

If the size is small, the Sea of Green (SOG) method can be used to optimize the area and boost land productivity. Up to 1.8 ounces of buds can be obtained for each sq foot in an optimum solution. Even though it is Sativa-dominant, it has a fairly quick flowering process of only 9 to 10 weeks. If outdoor cultivation is favored, it is sufficient to make it properly managed in locations with Mediterranean weather. M8 loves to bathe underneath the sun and dance in a gentle breeze, although that doesn’t take place with the climate inconsistencies.

M8 Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 500 – 550 g/m2
Outdoor 1000 gr/plant
Height : 90 – 150 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoors mid of October
Stone : Calming, Creative, Energetic
THC level : 22% to 24%
Grow : Moderate

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  1. Avatar for Samuel Dahlberg

    Samuel Dahlberg

    The first I ever grow. At the start got a little confuse. But then, as I go on with the grow, I figure it out. The plant is trainable. You can feed them with additional nutrients, and results are very good. Several branches and leaves are larger in size. I am surprised with this! Thanks!

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