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Haze XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Haze XL marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is great for daytime use as the energy that this weed promotes will make the user get up and go and make them feel that the day is made for them to conquer! This feeling of cerebral stimulation is a result of its genetic lineage being that of 2 award-winning strains, Jack Herer and Haze, mix in a Russian Ruderalis and you have this Haze XL auto-flowering variety! With THC levels that can go as high as 23%, expect intense mental stimulation that will have the minds of the users experiencing a variety of enjoyable highs!

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Haze XL Autoflower Characteristics

Haze XL is visually appealing as it has a variety of contrasting mixture of multiple green hues and golden-yellowish tints. The buds are predominantly greenish with a variety of different yellow-hued pistils covering the entire leaves and buds. Its leaves have a mixture of dark and light green colors with small hints of yellow randomly appearing.

The aroma of this cannabis strain inherited the very unique Haze genetics. Scents of pine and incense fill aromas are undeniable blending in with that rich lemon odor. Its taste is almost similar to its aroma as that strong pine flavor with the all too familiar cannabis earthy taste blends in with a subtle yet distinguishable citrus aftertaste.

Haze XL Autoflower Effects

This weed strain kicks off like a cup of coffee and is best consumed at the start of the day. It starts with a euphoric cerebral high where the user experiences clarity in their minds. It is quick to hit the user and they immediately feel motivated and their moods are suddenly uplifted. This is also a great socializing strain as the urge to chat with anyone is very strong, fits of uncontrollable giggles are also an effect of this strain. The user is in a state of pure happiness.

As the cerebral spark is still being enjoyed, a slow blending in of a total body relaxing high will make the user suddenly feel light on the toes. These are the Indica effects starting to kick in. This great balance of mental stimulation coupled with a mellow but potent body high makes it a favorite among many recreational and medical marijuana users all over.

What Growers Need To Know About Haze XL Autoflower Seeds

The Haze XL Autoflower marijuana strain is an easy marijuana strain to grow. Even novice growers may try their hand in cultivating this weed as there is not much special care needed to keep this plant healthy. They can be grown either indoors or outdoors and prefer the warm, sunny, and semi-humid conditions to thrive. Since they are short to medium in stature, they might need a little pruning of the lower leaves and branches to promote better air circulation within the plant and allow light to enter parts less touched by sunlight/light. Patience is key here as they will start to flower and be ready for harvest in 12 to 14 weeks and yield can be as much as 200 grams indoors and 450 grams outdoors.


Haze XL Autoflower Strain Specifications

Genes : Jack Herer x Haze 2.0 x Russian Ruderalis
Type : Sativa-dominant
Climate : Warm, Sunny, Semi-humid
Yield : 200 grams indoors and 450 grams outdoor
Height : Short
Flowering : 12 – 14 weeks
Stone : Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted
Flavor : Earthy, Citrus, Spicy, Herbal
THC level : 23%
CBD level : 0.7%
Grow : Easy


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