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Early Miss Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Early Miss Autoflowering is an Indica-dominant hybrid that combines two potent strains, Big Bud and the original White Widow strain. It offers an average THC level of 20.06% and CBD content of 0.07%. The flowers of Early Miss are small to medium in size and form tapered spade-like formations.

The buds have the thick, compact structure that other indica-dominant varieties are known for. Early Miss grows pretty fast, especially outdoors. Its effects are felt almost instantly, with a light pressure starting between the temples. Early Miss has a stronghold on chemical strain enthusiasts and has heavy ammonia overtones amplified by excellent eucalyptus notes.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Early Miss Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

The deep spicy flavors of Early Miss flowers reach the palate with the first whiff. A closer look shows some herbal, eucalyptus-like accents to balance out the pepperiness. Meanwhile, grinding emits an astringent ammonia odor that is reminiscent of pencil shavings. Unsurprisingly, when these intense flavors are combusted, they produce a harsh smoke. This smoke has a mild grassy flavor on the exhale, with a residual chemical aftertaste.

Early Miss, while being mainly Indica, Its effects are felt almost instantly, with a light pressure starting between the temples. The euphoric rush swarms the mind as it deepens, leaving users feeling alert, focused, and mentally stimulated.

Users are also drawn into a productive trance by the upbeat mood that results. It stimulates creative thinking and encourages thoughts to flow freely, allowing one to see things differently. People also feel more at ease sharing ideas with their colleagues or relatives. Some people, on the other hand, tend to reminisce about happier memories.

What are the Medical Benefits of Early Miss AutoflowerMarijuana Seeds?

Early Miss has a lot of therapeutic potentials. Its THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids offer patients relief from various mental and physical ailments. It relieves tension, for example, by raising its head high. It is also good at treating symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions such as PTSD for the exact cause. Through its antiemetic properties, it increases appetite while also preventing vomiting. As a result, it’s an excellent companion for people who suffer from anorexia or cachexia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Early Miss Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

When using Early Miss, even experienced users should be cautious. It can green users out with signs of dizziness and a subtle sense of paranoia when used outside of one’s limits, in addition to causing dryness in the eyes and mouth. Even if users just get a headache most of the time, it’s still essential to pace yourself and stay hydrated throughout the session.

How to Grow Early Miss Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Early Miss is a vigorous plant that’s ideal for those who want to cultivate their own medicine. Because of its hardy Indica genes, it seldom requires assistance. Its stalks do not bend or break even when exposed to strong winds. Meanwhile, the weight of its heavy buds does not cause its branches to break.

Furthermore, due to its ruderalis genes, which are the main component of its autoflowering structure, it blooms quickly regardless of when and where it is cultivated. However, since the plant’s compact structure can often harbor moisture caused by humidity, growers can need to prune it frequently. If left unattended, it will attract mold or mildew, which will eventually kill the plant.


Early Miss Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Dominant
Genetics Parents: Big Bud and original White Widow strain
Flowering Period: 7 weeks
Climate: Dry and Warm
Yield: Indoors 100grams/ 200 grams outdoors
Flavors: Minty and Sweet
THC Level: 20.06%
CBD Level: 0.07%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: Late September- October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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