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Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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For newbies and experienced gardeners alike, Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds are a delicious delight. With a moderate growth rate and outstanding ease of cultivation, this Indica-Dominant Hybrid is a fantastic option for those with some experience.

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Frequently bought together

Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Product Price

Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Sherbet x Titty Sprinkles
CBG Level
Continental, Mediterranean, Sunny, Temperate
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvesting Time
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
520 g/m2
Outdoor Yields
650 g/plant
Dark Green Leaves, Dense Buds, Layer of Trichomes, Light Green, SOG Technique
Taste and Smell
Citrus, Creamy, Earthy, Fruity, Grape, Orange
Euphoric, Focused, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Talkative
Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene


You may anticipate a modest CBD level even though the concentration of THC is unknown. Your garden will be adorned with resinous buds in about 8–9 weeks, ready to produce a pleasant high. You can depend on MJSeedsCanada as one of the top cannabis seed banks for premium cannabis seeds and various strains. Amp up your cultivation strategy right now!

Description of Double-Scoop Strain

Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds are a delicious Hybrid created by crossing the Sherbet and Titty Sprinkles strains. Indulge your senses. Even though the precise THC percentage is still an intriguing mystery, you may anticipate a low CBD level, ensuring a pleasant, controlled high.

This variety is a genuine crowd-pleaser, providing a range of benefits that will make you feel pleasant, joyful, and euphoric while enhancing your appetite. Additionally, Double-Scoop Strain has what you need if you need to concentrate or unwind.

Double-Scoop Strain is a relatively easy plant to grow, regardless of your skill level or whether you’re just starting out. You’ll receive luscious, resinous blooms that will sate your appetites in about 8–9 weeks.

How to Grow Double-Scoop Strain

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or someone with some experience trying to enhance their cultivation game, growing Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds is simple. Because of its low growth difficulty, this strain is ideal for beginners who want to create a magnificent crop—climates ranging from temperate to continental to sunny to Mediterranean support the growth of Double-Scoop Strain. So, wherever you are, you can take care of this strain and make it thrive.

You won’t have to wait long to reap the benefits of your labor because it only takes 8–9 weeks for the plant to reach maturity. Additionally, these plants stay compact indoors, growing to heights of 0–4 feet, which makes them a perfect choice for small areas. The SOG (Sea of Green) technology promises a remarkable yield of up to 520g per square meter. Double-Scoop Strain maintains a low profile outside, with a height range of 0–4 feet. But despite its diminutive size, each plant may produce up to an astounding 650g, providing a bumper crop that will make you beam from ear to ear.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Double-Scoop Strain

Prepare to feast your eyes on the magnificent Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds and excite your taste sensations! This strain offers a unique sensory experience that goes beyond simply getting high.

Double-Scoop Strain presents an extraterrestrial flavor feast With a terpene profile including Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. Imagine taking a sip and experiencing the creamy richness of citrus, the zesty burst of oranges, and the delicious, earthy fragrance of fresh grapes all at once.

In terms of looks, Double-Scoop Strain is stunning. The lush light green buds are set against the dark green leaves, creating a captivating contrast. These tightly packed buds indicate a rich harvest that will astound you. But things don’t stop there. This strain is already exceptional, but a thick layer of trichomes that sparkles like a layer of dew in the morning gives it a special touch. It is an artistic marvel that complements the mouthwatering flavors that are to come.


2 reviews for Double-Scoop Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Leanne Shirley

    Leanne Shirley

    The seeds yielded plants with a delightful aroma and a potent punch. The attention to detail in breeding these seeds is evident in the uniformity of the plants and the consistency in the quality of the buds. These seeds are a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast. Thank you!

  2. Avatar for Merianne Montero

    Merianne Montero

    Definitely a strain for connoisseurs. Thank you Mary Jane! Will be back again for mooooore!

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