Crystal Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Crystal auto marijuana strain is an indica dominant strain that is derived from crossing Kiwi, Crystal Candy, and Skywalker strain. It has THC levels of 15% with CBD levels of 0.1%. This strain provides a balanced high and energy, positive vibes that induce a soothing relaxed sensation afterward. It has a pleasant aroma, sweet melon, and delightful flavors of strawberry candy. It grows tall, with huge buds and trichomes. It can be grown outdoors and indoors. This strain is recommended for experienced growers due to the meticulousness it needs to propagate this plant. It is ideal for any time of the day use.

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Effects and Flavor Crystal Auto Strain

Crystal auto cannabis strain has a pleasant aroma of sweet melon and has a flavorful vibe of strawberry, sweet candy, with hints of berries and fruits that sugar-loving tokers will enjoy. It is an aromatic plant with large buds wrapped in crystallized resin that gives an average to high yield. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors.

Crystal auto ganja strain provides a balance high of energy and positive vibes that soothe and relax the body. This strain is best for those wanting to be productive and accomplish their objectives for the rest of the day and relaxes you at the end of the day. Its euphoric high gently soothes and calms the body and improves the mood that provides a positive vibe. After its high, making you feel relaxed and calm with slight sedative effects. It is ideal for any time of daily usage.

Medical Benefits on Crystal Auto Strain?

Crystal autoflowering cannabis strain provides a balanced medicinal effect to users. This strain is ideal in treating depression, PTSD, fatigue stress, mood swing, and anxiety because its high provides energy and a positive boost that helps users to have a positive mindset. This strain is also used to treat sleeping disorders and insomnia due to its high that gradually induces a soothing and relaxing sensation that will lead you to sleep. It is also suitable to treat chronic body pains, muscle spasms, and muscle pains because of its full body calming and relaxing sensation.

Adverse Effects from Crystal Auto Strains

Crystal auto ganja strain has adverse effects same as other marijuana strains. Users will experience dryness, itchy eyes, and dry mouth. It is recommended to rehydrate by drinking water before, during, and after use. For dry, itchy eyes, it is also recommended to have a bottle of moisturizing eye drops to ease dryness and itchy eyes. There are instances of rare side effects of mild headaches, dizziness, slight paranoia, and anxiety. It is advised to take this strain in moderation. This strain has a THC level that may not be compatible with the user’s threshold. It is best to go slow and in low dosage till you are comfortable taking in more dosages.

Growing Crystal Auto Strain

Crystal auto cannabis strains are moderately easy to grow and are ideal experienced growers due to the amount of attention needed to propagate this strain. When it matures it will grow tall with large buds and resinous trichomes. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. For indoor propagation, it is advisable to use the screen of the green method and to keep the temperature at an ideal level to maximize its yield. For outdoor propagation, it is best to place this plant in a dry area with plenty of sun. It will have a high yield upon harvest.


Crystal Auto Cannabis Strain Specs

Type: Indica dominant
Genetics Parents: Kiwi x Skywalker x Crystal Candy
Flowering Period:  9 – 10 weeks
Climate: Temperate, Sunny, Continental, Mediterannean
Yield: Average – High
Flavors: Candy, Sweet, Strawberry, Melon
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: 0.1%
Height: 70cm to 130cm
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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