Church OG Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Church OG Strain is an Indica Dominant hybrid that crosses OG Kush and God’s Gift strains. This is an autoflowering marijuana seed that is easy to grow without strict lighting requirements. It has THC levels of 19% with only 1% CBD content, which means that it gives a mind-high sensation to its users. It starts to flower in 8-9 weeks. It has the aroma of herb, citrus, sweet, and spicy. This is perfect for beginners as it is easy to grow. You get the best quality of this strain from MjseedsCanada at a cheap price.

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What is Church OG Strain?

Church OG Strain comes from two popular genetic parents, OG Kush, and God’s Gift. This is an Indica Dominant strain with a THC level of 19% and 1% CBD level. It is indeed a gift from above because of its numerous perks. It is easy to grow so it is just the right strain for beginners. Its high THC level gives its users a really good mind-high sensation. Its euphoric sensation paired with an uplifting feeling keeps your emotions at bay and helps with removing stressors that can ruin your day.

Church OG Strain Growing Information

This strain is perfect for both experienced growers and beginners. It is easy to grow and can cultivate even in not-so-ideal environments because it can withstand humid weather and is resistant to mold. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. Since it grows tall, it needs topping and trimming from time to time to allow for air circulation and light penetration. You can also use the SCROG method to maximize your space. When you properly cultivate this plant, you can start to witness its beautiful buds in 8-9 weeks. This huge plant is so generous and will provide you with a yield of at least 480 grams per plant. This is such a good deal!

Church OG Strain Medical Benefits

This is a wonderful strain with wonderful benefits to its users. Its THC level of 19% allows this plant to give its users that mind-high sensation. It boosts your energy and makes you feel happy like no problem can ever ruin your day. It helps uplift your mood and gives you that productive kick to make your day worthwhile. It is the perfect stress blocker and mood boost, so this is your best companion to manage your anxiety and depression. This is recommended for morning use because it will surely keep you up and awake.

What is the Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance of Church OG Strain?

This strain is your ultimate summer throwback. Its sweet, citrus flavor reminds you of that beach getaway you once had over the holiday. After a few moments, a hint of herb and pine will bring you back with a spicy kick that makes your smoking experience top-notch. All of these flavors and aromas come from the beautiful purple and orange pistils that hang from green leaves while it is covered by crystal white trichomes, looking like snow in a winter wonderland.

Final Thoughts

Church OG strain is your go-to cannabis plant. It is packed with classic citrusy flavors with a woody and pine aroma, and an interesting spicy kick in the gut for an extra feeling. Its massive THC content is your gateway to a mind-high sensation that will keep you up and awake. It is the perfect mood booster because it will keep the stressors away. This is your own, personal motivator because it helps you become productive and creative. Don’t wait before it sells out and order now from MjseedsCanada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Church OG strain?

Church OG Marijuana seeds, often known as Church OG, is a hybrid of OG Kush and God’s Gift.

Is Church OG a good strain?

This is a strong strain with a mind-high sensation that promotes productivity and creativity.

Is Church OG strain indica or sativa?

This strain is Indica dominant, with 19% THC content and 1% CBD content. It has multiple therapeutic benefits such as relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.

Church OG Strain Autoflowering Specifications

Strain Parents: OG Kush x God’s Gift
Strain Dominant: Indica Dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
CBD Content: 1%
THC Content: 19%
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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