CBD Indica Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

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CBD Indica Fast Version marijuana strain is an Indica leaning weed that was specifically bred to be an effective medical cannabis weed. Its 1:1 CBD to THC ratio delivers a subtle calming high with a mellow cerebral stimulation. It is not potently psychoactive but provides enough calming and soothing characteristics to make it a pleasurable toke. Even recreational users looking for a calming high without the deeply sedating Indica characteristics also partake of this weed. With an unknown genetic heritage, this weed boasts of a bag appeal that combines Diesel-like flavors that are drowned by the delicious fruitiness of its taste.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of CBD Indica Fast Version Strain

Once exhaled, an immediate light head rush will be felt that gives a feeling of euphoria. This opens up the doors for the tokers to feel ecstatic as their moods are now uplifted. This positive state of mind can be easily seen in the user’s eyes as they glisten with joy. Almost simultaneous with the mental high is a warm sensation that translates to relaxing waves that sweep all over the user’s body. It soothes the muscles as they start to untangle from their knotted-up state. The high is so light that makes it a pleasurable smoke to enjoy any time of the day. The perfect complementary mellow high of happiness and relaxation makes it a weed to be enjoyed by everyone!

What are the Medical Benefits of CBD Indica Fast Version Strain?

This is a medical strain so it will have a lot of beneficial therapeutic effects for medical patients to enjoy. Its subtle and deeply calming characteristics of the CBD compound of this weed can help in treating patients suffering from migraines, fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, and a host of other chronic and acute pain disorders.

Its anxiolytic properties help uplift the mood of the user making it an effective strain against anxieties, depression, and even stress. It elevates the spirits and transports the user’s minds into a realm where an entity called happiness resides.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from CBD Indica Fast Version Strain

Users who have tried this weed complain from experiencing dry mouth and having to battle drying of their eyes. But these are common effects from smoking weed as they are effects of being a little bit dehydrated. This can be easily remedied by drinking some hydrating fluids before partaking in the CBD Indica. For dry eyes, one just needs to apply some moisturizing eye drops before lighting up to lubricate the eyes before they even start to dry.

How to Grow CBD Indica Fast Version Strain

Going about the regular cultivation activity of feeding them properly with proper micro and macronutrients, watering them when their topsoil gets dry, and pruning their leaves and branches for better air circulation and light penetration, will be great for the weed. Keep them happy in a warm, sunny, and dry climate and they will be thriving in no time. Expect yield to be at a generous 400 to 600 grams after growing them for 7 to 8 weeks.


CBD Indica Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type: Indica Dominant
Genetics Parents: unknown
Flowering Period: 7 – 8 weeks
Climate: Warm, Dry, Sunny
Yield: 400- 600 grams
Flavors: Citrus, Pineapple, Berries, Diesel, Sweet, Earthy
THC Level: 6%
CBD Level: 7%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

1 review for CBD Indica Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Robert Storms

    Robert Storms

    Impressive strain. I didn’t have a hard time growing this even though I’m a beginner.
    I carefully follow the steps, put it on the wet tissue, and easily popped up. I can say 9 out 10
    germination rate. For now, it has grown around medium height, leaves are so green. I cant wait to check
    the effects of the hits! Cheers!

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