Blue Pyramid Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


This Blue Pyramid Strain is an Indica dominant Hybrid strain that was created using the crossbreed of Blueberry and Shiskaberry. It has a sweet aroma of blueberry with hints of pine and a taste that is sweet and earthy. The flowering period for this strain is 9 to 10 weeks long with a medium amount of yield. It has a THC content of 18-22% and a low CBD content, giving you a euphoric high sensation and full-body relaxation. This strain is available at a very cheap price in MjseedsCanada.

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What is Blue Pyramid Strain?

Blue Pyramid strain is an Indica dominant Hybrid of Blueberry and Shiskaberry strains. It is moderately easy to grow and can yield up to 51 inches in 9 to 10 weeks. It has low CBD content and 18-22% THC content. This strain provides a euphoric high with an energizing boost.

This strain can be used to cure chronic mental illnesses. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving pain related to inflammation of the body parts, for example, joints or muscles. It is also very effective against stress and anxiety.

Blue Pyramid Strain Growing Information

The recommended method of growing this particular strain is using SOG (Sea Of Green) method for maximum yield. This plant is recommended for indoor cultivation, but can still thrive in any setting. It is advised to have 600 watts of light for indoor propagation with an ideal temperature of 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. The strain can also be grown outdoors during the spring and summer seasons when the weather is warm and sunny. The flowering period of this strain is 9 to 10 weeks, which makes it ideal for indoor cultivation in warm climates. However, it can also thrive in any setting with little effort on your part.

Blue Pyramid Strain Medical Benefits

This strain offers a euphoric mind high that can leave you feeling happy while still allowing you to function as usual. It has been known to be used to treat chronic mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The effects of this strain are mainly felt in the brain which results in increased creativity, happiness, focus, and energy levels along with strong body relaxation effects that can last up to 4 hours after consumption. The effects are best felt in the mind and mood and less so in physical relaxation which makes it a great choice for daytime use. This strain can also help reduce inflammation making it effective against sore muscles, arthritis, and other more serious conditions.

What is the Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance of Blue Pyramid Strain?

This strain produces thick layers of trichomes and pyramid-like buds with white crystal trichomes, with an earthy smell and taste. The aroma is sweet with notes of berries, citrus, and pine. The taste gives a sense of familiarity, with a slight sweetness that’s refreshing on the palate. The smell of this plant is very aromatic with hints of fruitiness mixed with piney undertones that will leave you wanting more once you catch a whiff of this strain while smoking it or vaping it at home or out in public places like restaurants or cafes where it’s okay to smoke.

Final Thoughts

Blue Pyramid strain is a strain that is perfect for those who want a sweet, fruity kind of cannabis. It is fully packed with the fruity taste of berry. It gives a good high sensation that gives you an enjoyable experience. This strain conveniently available at MjseedsCanada will give you the best, most refreshing day once you have this plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Blue Pyramid strain?

Blue Pyramid Marijuana seeds, often known as Blue Pyramid, provide the fruity, sweet flavor of blueberry that bursts on your palate at first hit. It has high THC content of 18-22% which is perfect for medical use.

Is Blue Pyramid a good strain?

The strain is perfect for that euphoric high sensation that you crave. It will put your body in a relaxed situation and will help your focus and boost your creativity to help you with your day.

Is Blue Pyramid strain Indica or Sativa?

This strain is Indica dominant, with a large amount of THC content amounting to 18-22% and a low CBD content. This is perfect for that euphoric high effect while still being able to do your tasks for the day.

Blue Pyramid Strain Autoflowering Specifications

Strain Parents: Blueberry x Shiskaberry
Strain Dominant: Indica dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 18-22%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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