High CBD Marijuana Seeds

What are high CBD cannabis seeds?

High CBD cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into medicinal cannabis plants. These plants have very steep CBD or cannabidiol, the cannabinoid compound in cannabis, and is non-psychoactive. This means you won’t get high with high CBD strains.

CBD-rich strains often come with very high CBD but low to absent THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound. Therefore, CBD strains will give you the best medicinal effects minus any psychoactive effects. This makes high CBD strains best for people who medicate using medicinal cannabis.

Why are more growers into high CBD cannabis seeds?

More and more people are trusting medicinal marijuana to relieve their medical conditions and mental concerns. This has led many cannabis growers to cultivate medicinal weed instead.  Here are more reasons why high CBD is more preferred than other seeds:

  • High CBD cannabis seeds will let you grow medicinal weed in your own home

You may now grow your supply at home, no need to buy from a dispensary. Most people who depend on medicinal marijuana grow their supply to ensure that they are consuming organic, healthy, and great-tasting medicinal weed.

  • High CBD seeds are ready to grow very therapeutic plants

With high CBD, you’re sure that you have strains with high therapeutic content and no THC. People who cannot tolerate THC can now dose up and manage their symptoms right away.

  • No more hit or miss when you use high CBD seeds

No more worries if you’re getting high or low CBD strains as you already know what you’re getting. Choose from our large catalog of high CBD strains.

Are there special techniques to grow high CBD cannabis seeds?

High CBD strains are medicinal weed therefore, you need to be very careful when cultivating your plants. You must consider an indoor growing area to grow your weed in this way, you can monitor your plants very closely and tweak your growing conditions like temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions.

Most growers cultivate medicinal cannabis using hydroponics. This is growing plants in a soilless environment where the roots are directly getting nutrients from nutrient-rich water. Special nutrients for hydroponic plants should be used and make sure that you’re providing the right nutrients according to your plants’ growth phase.

Lighting is very important as light is life to plants. Use the best, high-intensity lighting like LED and CFL but will never heat your indoor growing area. Always monitor your lighting, temperature, and humidity to the T to ensure that your plants are growing properly.

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