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high thcv strains

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a minor cannabinoid that provides a fast-acting, stimulating, and clear-headed high for a brief period. High THCV strains induce psychoactive effects when ingested in large doses. 

Consuming THCV orally offers longer-lasting effects, but reduces potency. Vaping THCV results in a stronger high. THCV’s effects also depend on how much you consume. If you don’t feel anything, you might want to increase the dose. 

Benefits of THCV

Most cultivars of cannabis strains have trace amounts of THCV. When consumed wisely, high THCV strains can do wonders for those who want to lose weight. You won’t get the munchies from consuming small to moderate doses of strains that contain THCV because it’s a receptor antagonist.  

THCV may help treat gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, celiac disease, asthma, arthritis, and heart disease because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It can also suppress tremors in Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and ALS as well as control blood sugar levels in Type II diabetics. Initial research shows that THCV has antipsychotic properties, which may help patients with anxiety disorders such as PTSD.

Aside from its therapeutic and medical potential, THCV is also known for its uplifting and energizing effects. High THCV strains are not psychoactive, making them an ideal option for those seeking high-functioning experiences.

9 High THCV Strains to Consider 

1. Doug’s Varin 

Doug’s Varin has a pine and earthy aroma with hints of citrus. It has clumpy lime green buds with gold pistils. Doug’s Varin contains 3% to 6% THCV and 22% to 24% THC. The strain calms thoughts and increases motivation, focus, and creativity. 

It may also arouse, but the strain is cultivated primarily to help alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s tremors and panic attacks. The effects last for a short period, so it’s a good option for those seeking a short-term high. Doug’s Varin suppresses appetite, so it’s not ideal for those suffering from anorexia or appetite loss. 

2. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a medical sativa with almost 1% THCV and 15% to 25% THC. It suppresses the appetite and induces focusing and energizing effects. The strain delivers a cerebral high that clears the mind. It is ideal for daytime use because it doesn’t give a crushing couch lock. Durban Poison is also a good option for those with chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression. 

3. Jack the Ripper

The sativa-dominant strain contains 5% THCV or more and 15% to 25% THC.  Jack the Ripper is a cross between Space Queen and Jack Cleaner. It is popular among recreational consumers and growers because it is easy to find. The strain provides a peppy, focused high that lasts for a while. Users usually feel motivated and happy. Jack the Ripper’s strong anti-munchies effect is another plus point for the strain. 

4. Pineapple Purps

Pineapple Purps delivers 4% THCV and 15% THC. The strain is also known as a super sativa due to its low-anxiety, energetic and euphoric effects. It’s a combination of Skunk #1, Cheese and Pineapple. Pineapple Purps gives a powerful head high that lasts for a short period. The best thing about the strain is that it doesn’t cause body lock. It can suppress appetite and fight anxiety, pain, and depression. 

5. Malawi Gold 

Malawi Gold originates from the Republic of Malawi. Also called Chamba, Malawi Gold gives an uplifting high. There’s no official laboratory data regarding its THCV content. However, it’s believed that Malawi’s THCV content is as high as in Durban Poison or even higher. Malawi Gold is ideal for daytime recreational and medical use because of its stimulating effects. 

It induces an uplifting cerebral high, which energizes the mind and body, prompts giggles, and improves creativity and socialization. The strain contains 24% THC, so it’s not ideal for beginners because it may prompt paranoia and hallucinations. It may also induce couch lock and alter sensory perceptions. 

6. Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat offers the perfect balance of relaxation and happiness. The indica-dominant hybrid contains 3.3% THCV. It induces an energizing, cerebral high for a short period, which is followed by feelings of serenity and deep physical relaxation. Dutch Treat doesn’t induce munchies. 

7. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is popular among recreational and medical cannabis smokers. The sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Highland Nepalese and Vietnamese Black. It increases the user’s yearning for social interaction and delivers a euphoric cerebral high. Willie Nelson is ideal for daytime use as it sparks creativity and keeps the mind clear. It may alleviate mild chronic pains and aches as well as anxiety, depression, and stress. Some people use Willie Nelson to reduce inflammation, nausea, glaucoma, nausea, and migraines. 

8. Girl Scout Cookies 

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant strain, which is popular among medical cannabis users. It offers the perfect combination of sweet and uplifting flavors and skunky, minty aroma with earthy undertones. The strain has bright green turning and winding calyxes, neon orange hairs, and deep purple leaves. 

It contains 20% to 25% THC. GSC is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, so the strain’s CBN and CBD levels are as high as its THCV level. It delivers feelings of euphoria and relaxation, making it a great therapeutic cannabis strain. It induces a couch lock and reduces chronic pain, muscle cramps, migraines, and stress. 

9. Pink Boost Goddess

Pink Boost Goddess is a cross between Boost Goddess F2 and Pink. The indica-dominant hybrid has 4.24% THCV and 18.7% THC. It provides a strong calming effect that is not overwhelming, so it is great for suppressing appetite and reducing anxiety. The strain has a strong floral terpene scent and a strawberry sweet flavor with hints of rosewood, mint, and sweet cream. You won’t feel sluggish or get the munchies after consuming Pink Boost Goddess. The flower buds can be vaporized with an electronic vaporizer to preserve its taste or smoked using a bong, bubbler, or pipe. 


There are a lot of high THCV strains of marijuana seeds that you can grow in your weed garden. THCV has a lot of benefits such as suppressing the appetite and reducing blood glucose. Make sure to pick a strain that suits your needs. Having someone babysit you is also a good idea, especially if it’s your first time to consume cannabis. 

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