Malawi Gold Auto-Fem

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Malawi Gold Auto-Fem is a pure Sativa strain that has originated from the African nation of Malawi. This pure landrace strain is known for its incredible mood uplifting, energizing, and clear-headed high. This quick-hitting strain will fill up your mind with a cerebral high that makes one focus attentively on things. With a mild THC content, will not overpower the user but will offer a soothing mind high which every cannabis connoisseur will enjoy. This cannabis strain is considered difficult to grow just because it has a very long flowering time, and anything can go wrong in that span of time. The sweet scent of bananas will entice users to give this bud a go.

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Malawi Gold Strain Characteristics

This strain is best in an outdoor location. An autoflowering plant that does not need a 12/12 photoperiod. Monitoring and controlling the temperature of the plant is needed and must set to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The structure of this strain is dense when it comes to its buds. They are covered with light orange or reddish foliage which is paired with thick resin.

These were harvested in the northern part of Malawi, and famous for its sweet and earthy scent with a glimpse of lemon. The flavor it contains is from its buds which are equally grown. This Sativa dominant strain with large leaves is considered one of the finest and favorite strains by several consumers.

Malawi Gold Strain Effects

Malawi GoldAuto Fem is a Sativa dominant type of strain. The offered high of this strain when smoked comes with an uplifting and energetic mood throughout the night and day. It also helps you be more confident and creative when you are having a hard time socializing and finishing tasks. But take note, this strain can give you a cottonmouth if you consume this too much. Physicians said that this strain contains medicinal values like treating several issues, this includes treating insomnia, chronic pain, stress reliever, boost appetiteand fights depression.

What Growers Need To Know Malawi Gold Strain

Now if you are planning to cultivate or grow this strain, take note of this information to make sure you cultivate it properly. Growing a Malawi Gold Auto Fem is not that difficult once you are familiar with the easy steps. However, experts say the novice growers should do a lot of research or studies before jumping into cultivation.

Outdoor cultivation is recommended by producers because this strain needs a climate like in Tanzania regions. If you are located in cooler locations, it is advised to use indoor planting methods that maintain the plant’s health. This strain can grow a lot taller than other strains, especially hybrids. Outdoor cultivation can offer you a 12 ft tall strain and in indoor growing, it can only grow to up to 6 feet dispensing on the room area.

It is essential to take note of its size because it can yield dense buds and tall branches. During the maturity stage, you must place some support to its branches because of its weight and avoid destruction. This autoflowering strain can take 10 weeks to bloom and produces large yields wherein 1.5 lbs per plant is grown outdoors.

Malawi Gold Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa Dominant
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 1.5 lbs/plant
Height : Tall
Flowering : 10 weeks
Stone : Euphoria, Uplifting
THC level : Average
Grow : Moderate

1 review for Malawi Gold Auto-Fem

  1. Olen Coker

    The Malawi Gold has come up quickly and it grew beautifully. It Looks wonderful, Looking forward to an effective develop she has an ideal evenness of the hubs, looking healthy. I would recommend this strain to every one of my companions!

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